Foxearth Fisheries: Interesting Facts to Know


Fishing is a popular activity for many people in the United Kingdom, without any question. It is the largest participatory sport in this great country of Europe.

Many fisheries exist in the different corners of this island country as it is a popular activity. Foxearth Fisheries is a place that is famous as a popular fishing spot among people.

There are many things to see and explore in this famous fishing venue of the United Kingdom. It offers many magnificent things to fulfill the desire of the people who visit.

This perfect fishing venue is in the Sudbury area of the United Kingdom. It is a famous market town in the southwest of Suffolk in Great Britain.

More Information About Foxearth Fisheries

This fishing site is a small complex consisting of 3 lakes. These lakes shelter fish that anglers catch during their fishing. These lakes are ideal for catching fish, without any question.

These lakes are Specimen carp lake, Pleasure, and Traditional Lake. The authority who owns this property is good people, without any doubt.

They welcome the anglers on their property in a hospitable way and try to provide an ideal environment for them. There is no doubt about the dedication of their work.

Foxearth Fisheries
Mirror Carp is available in the Foxearth Fishery. Image by Jerzy Górecki from Pixabay

They aim to cater to most types of anglers of all ages. They welcome those who visit here to catch the large carp with the most modern carp rig on the market.

They also welcome those who visit here for the delicate lift bite of those rare pure crucian carp. Visitors even can come with their child to catch their first roach on a starter kit.

It is all achievable here at Foxearth Fisheries, without any doubt. It is proof that this venue is an ideal spot for any angler to catch fish.

Lakes of This Fishery

Three major water reservoirs are available in this fishing venue of the Sudbury area. These water reservoirs shelter different species of fish that visitors catch.

Specimen Lake

It is an important pre-book and pre-pay carp lake of this fishing site. It spans over 2.2 acres of land with three islands and has 12 replaced wood-chipped swims.

It is home to 225-250 carp fish ranging from mid-doubles to 42 lb+. These carp fish include mirror, common, Leather, Grass, and three Ghost carp to over 32 lb.

Pleasure Lake

It is the all-round Match Lake containing plenty of silvers fish. It helps to keep not only children entertained but to give good match weights all year round.

This reservoir contains Roach, Rudd, Tench, perch, Bream, and carp to 16lb. It is one of the mentionable fishing venues on this site, without any doubt.

The Traditional Lake

This water reservoir is the dedicated Tench and Pure crucian Lake. It is home to hundreds of tench to 6Lb+ and 250-300 pure crucians over the magical 2lb mark.

Rules of This Fishing Spot

The authority of this fishery sets up some rules to provide a great experience to the anglers. The site has the right to take any action if anyone violates it.

  • The first rule is all anglers must own a valid Environment Agency rod license.
  • This site does not allow any dogs.
  • This spot is not for anglers under the age of 18.
  • Pre-booking and pre-payment are necessary to catch fish in this lake.
  • Authority does not permit to enter or leave the fishery between 9 pm and 7 am.
  • They do not allow any visitors or spectators unless they give permission.
  • Anglers must return the fish to the water as soon as possible.
  • Anglers must keep excessive noise and drinking of alcohol at a low level.
  • They must not damage the vegetation or interfere with the wildlife.
  • The authority reserves the right to check rigs and equipment at any time.
  • They also reserve the right to maintenance if they see fit.


It is possible to say that it is an ideal place to enjoy a memorable time by angling. The facilities that exist on this site help to provide a fascinating experience to the visitors.

The responsible authority sets up some rules to not only protect the fish but also to protect all. These rules help the anglers to have an enjoyable, safe, and productive time here.

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