Himchari National Park: A Beautiful Place to Explore


Himchhari National Park is in Himchhari, Cox’s Bazar District, Chittagong Division, Bangladesh. The authority established it 12 km from Cox’s Bazar city.

It covers an area of 1729 hectares in 1980. Himachari has three main objectives. These are research and education, tourism and recreation, and wildlife conservation.

Himchari National Park
Shahriar987CC BY-SA 4.0, via Wikimedia Commons

On one side of Himchari is a wide beach, and on the other is a range of green hills. There are several waterfalls in this area, of which Himachari Falls is the most famous.

More Information About Himchari National Park

Himchari Park is a popular tourist destination. Himachari is an evergreen and semi-evergreen tropical forest. The forest has 117 plant species.

Of these, 58 are trees, 15 are shrubs, 4 are grasses, 19 are vines, and 21 are herbs. Many believe that elephants inhabit the Himachari forest.

Besides, Maya deer, wild boar, and monkeys can be visible in this forest. This area is home to 55 mammals, 286 birds, 56 species of reptiles, and 16 species of amphibians.

Himchari forest is the habitat of owls. Himchari Park is an ideal place for bird lovers. Among its 286 species of birds, Myna, Finge, and Tal Batasi are notable.

You can reach Himachari from Cox’s Bazar city by any vehicle. You can reach Himchari in 15 minutes by autorickshaw or car from Kalatali stand in Cox’s Bazar.

You can visit Inani and Himchari on one trip. It will save both time and cost. You can go in the morning and come out in the afternoon from two places.

Himchari is a protected forest area, so there is an entrance fee—20 takas per person. After entering the park, enjoy the forest and biodiversity to its fullest.

Himchari Waterfall
© Moheen Reeyad / Wikimedia Commons / “Himchari Waterfall (01)”

There is a fountain in the forest, go there. If you want to explore deep in the mountain forest, you must get permission from the authorities.

You can use the forest department rest house with prior permission. Since Cox’s Bazar is nearby, one can stay there. Accommodation in Cox’s Bazar is of good quality.

Cox’s Bazar South Forest Division manages the entire forest area. It is under their jurisdiction. There are four forest sites in the parks. These are Kolatoli, Chainda, Jhilongja, and Link Road.

Tourists visit the place for its famous broken hills and row of Christmas trees. Walking in this beautiful forest is difficult due to the hilly terrain and dense vegetation.

Researchers have found about 117 trees belonging to 37 families. Some near-endangered plant species are Elaeis guineensis, Garcinia lanceifolia, Elaeocarpus tectorius, and floribundus.

Suregada multiflora, Lithocarpus elegans var elegans, and Acronychia pedunculata are on the list. The fauna consists of Ridley sea turtles, 286 bird species, and 26 mammal species.

Common birds include the barn swallow and Asian palm swift. Mammals include the Hoolock gibbon, leopard cat, fishing cat, and Asian black bear.

There are also sloth bears, Asian elephants, wild boar, Rhesus macaque, and mongoose. Around 4000 people are living in the National Park area.

They are migrants and rely on fishing and cultivation for their livelihood. The loss of tree diversity and population is due to encroachment for cultivation.

Invasion of weed species and cattle grazing is also responsible, any doubt. Additionally, the collection of forest wood contributes to deforestation.

The road network and other infrastructure projects also contribute to the loss. Himchari has everything to offer a beautiful time.

It is lush with tropical rainforests, grasslands, and trees. It features several waterfalls. The notable one cascades toward the sunny beach.

The natural beauty provides a welcome break from city life for locals and tourists alike. The area is abundant with flora and fauna. Birders always delight in the extensive bird life.

Himchari National Park
MendizonCC BY-SA 4.0, via Wikimedia Commons

This majestic park area welcomes over two million visitors each year. Most of these visitors come from the famous seaside town of Bangladesh.

Many other people love to travel from the capital, Dhaka, for a day trip. If you want a visit to Bangladesh, try to include a visit to this site.

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