Madhupur National Park: A Beautiful Place


There are many places to visit in different parts of Bangladesh. This place in the Madhupur area of Tangail District is a historical place.

Especially in May, the sal sheds its old leaves and adorns itself with new foliage. The greenery and various plant species growing inside the forest fill the mind.

Madhupur National Park
Miryousuf199CC BY-SA 4.0, via Wikimedia Commons

Then, here and there in the forest, you will see the purple flowers of the jarul tree. This site has every element to offer memorable moments to its visitors.

However, when June comes, the scene changes and the Sal forest turns into a dense forest. Madhupur Park covers an area of 20,840 acres.

More Information About Madhupur National Park

When you enter the jungle through the main gate, you can see only the beauty of the jungle and greenery. Inside the jungle, there are various types of trees and plants.

Examples include Sal, Behera, Amalki, Turmeric, Shatamuli, Jayana, Bidha, and Azuki/Hargaza. There is also the Behula tree. There are many mountain potatoes visible.

There is an unknown variety of creeper bushes. You can see many animals such as monkeys and Hanuman. You will also see various birds, deer, forest cats, and wild roosters.

There is a deer breeding center right in the middle of the jungle. You can see the wide-eyed Chital deer next to the Lahria beat office.

If you climb the tall tower next to it, it will impress you for a while. You will see the green trees inside Madhupur Park.

From there, if you go towards Dokhla rest house, you can see sal forests. Different types of trees line both sides of the road. There is no population.

There is only silence and the sound of birds. The distance from the main gate of Madhupur National Park to Dokhla Rest House is about 10 km.

Madhupur National Park
George achikCC BY-SA 4.0, via Wikimedia Commons

Vehicles are the means of entry into the jungle by road. If you go around to other parts of the jungle, you have to pay a little more.

Tribal villages inhabit the surrounding areas of Madhupur Park. The Rasulpur Range Office of Mymensingh Forest Division is next to the National Park.

Next to it are Jalai Rest House and Mahua Cottage. The scenery inside the Madhupur forest is very charming. The scenery and environment of the green forest is scenic.

While walking on the brickbed road, the scenery of the green forest on the other side is eye-opening. The mind gets lost in a quiet forest without noise.

What will you see?

You can see Dokhla Rest House, Chunia Cottage, Bakul Cottage, Zooey, and Chameli Gardens. There is a youth hostel and a high-rise tower.

There is a small market nearby and tribal villages nearby. Dokhla Rest House is in the jungle area of Orankhola Mauza in the Madhupur forest area.

60 km from Tangail district headquarters. 10 km from the main gate of Dure and Madhupur Udyan. Its position in Bhyatre.

This rest house offers the chance to enjoy the natural beauty of the region’s forests. You can observe wild animals and biodiversity.

Moreover, the sanatorium plays a vital role in scientific research. It also offers education programs related to flora and fauna. The way of life of the tribals is different.

The Jalchhatra area is at the end of the Dokhla Panchismile road. It hosts a sales center for various types of silk textiles. The tribals weave the textiles on their looms.

How to go

On the way to Mymensingh from Tangail district city, visit the Rasulpur shrine. On the left side is the main gate of Madhupur Park.

The Madhupur Park Range Office is adjacent to the gate. The Office of the Assistant Conservator of Forests is also there.

Madhupur National Park
মাহরুস হোসাইনী ইশরাকCC BY-SA 4.0, via Wikimedia Commons

You must stop the car there and get permission to enter the jungle. Moreover, a little further ahead, go to a place called 25 miles and walk to the right for about 9 km.

The Dokhla Range Office and Dokhla Rest House are there. Even, there you have to get permission to enter the forest.

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