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Ramsagar National Park is in Tajpur village of Auliapur union, Dinajpur district, Bangladesh. It is around Ramsagar Lake, which is 8 km from Dinajpur Sadar.

Ramsagar National Park
Abdul MominCC BY-SA 4.0, via Wikimedia Commons

The Forest Department of Bangladesh brought Ramsagar under its supervision in 1960. In 1995-96, they developed Ramsagar as a modern tourist center.

More Information About Ramsagar National Park

In 2001, the authority established it as a national park. The main attraction of Ramsagar is the huge Ramsagar Lake.

The area of Ramsagar, including the plateau, is 4,37,492 meters, with a length of 1,031 meters and a width of 364 meters. The average depth of this lake is about 10 meters.

The height of the bank of this lake is 13.5 meters. The famous Raja Ramnath of Dinajpur dug this Ramsagar Lake before the battle of Palashi.

They named it Ramsagar after him. Digging the dam required about 30,000 rupees and 15,00,000 laborers. There are seven picnic corners in this fantastic national park.

There are two toilets and one cafeteria. Also, there are some deer visible in this area. Visitors will also see two or three python snakes, a few monkeys, and one peacock.

There is a ticket system for entering this park. The price of the ticket is 20 rupees. There is also an unauthorized library named Ramsagar Library.

It has a collection of more than 800 books. There are allegations that immoral activities are happening in the park. Some say anti-social activities are happening there too.

Reportedly, local administration and law enforcement agencies are not noticing drug dealing. They are also not noticing drug dealing by terrorists and drug addicts.

Sometimes, they even harass tourists. Besides, the picnic areas are fragile and unprotected. They are almost unusable due to careless neglect.

Ramsagar is not a sea, but people call it the largest lake in the country. The vastness of its beauty is like the ocean. So, people prefer to call it sea, not lake.

The azure waters of Ramsagar fascinate nature lovers and travelers. The surrounding greenery of the lake adds to its charm.

The high and low hills of red soil and the beautiful scenery are also captivating. From a distance, this place may seem like a forest.

Many local and foreign tourists come here to observe the beauty of the historic Ram Sagar. It holds the unique history of the dynasty of Dinajpur.

But the number of tourists is decreasing day by day. High and low hills of red soil surround Ram Sagar. Different fruit, forest, and medicinal plants are grown in these hills.

There is a brick-built Hirimbomb road around the lake. At different points, the authority planted fragrant, flowering trees in rows.

The authority of this beautiful site planted different types of trees. Besides this, they constructed a pleasant Rest House on the high hill in the western part.

It is perfect for traveling from any part of the country to see the beautiful Ramsagar Lake. People can reach Dinajpur by bus or train from any district of the state.

Additionally, they can use private vehicles. Snigdha takes 775 takas for an AC chair, and Shobhan takes 465 takas for a non-AC chair.

To travel from Dhaka to Dinajpur city, an AC bus costs 1300 taka, and a non-AC bus costs 900 taka per person. If you want, you can come to Sayedpur by plane from Dhaka.

Ramsagar National Park: A Beautiful Site
HemelCC BY-SA 4.0, via Wikimedia Commons

From there, by bus or other transport to Dinajpur. After that, Ram Sagar is only 8 kilometers away from Dinajpur city to the south.

You can easily visit 2.5-year-old Dighi by bike from the city. From Kachari Ghunti Mor to Ramsagar, the easybike fare will be 20 taka per person.

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