Bowden Springs Fishery: A Wonderful Place


Can you tell us about a popular hobby of the people of Scotland? It is fishing. Not only the people of Scotland but also the people of the United Kingdom love fishing.

Bowden Springs Fishery is a place that provides many facilities for fishing-related entertainment. There are many fisheries available in many parts of Scotland.

These fisheries fulfill the demands of the people. A notable fact about this Scottish fishery is that it has the blessings of nature.

This fantastic venue is in a valuable area of Scotland named Linlithgow. It is a town in West Lothian council area in Scotland.

More Information About Bowden Springs

The surrounding area of this fishing venue is beautiful and attracts many people. This fantastic fishing venue was famous as the Carribber Reservoir.

The time of its establishment is the early 1900s. This reservoir supplied domestic water to Bo’ness and the surrounding district.

A total of two reservoirs are available in the area, famous as Upper and Lower. There is an earth dam that separates these reservoirs from each other.

The highest depth of both basins is about 9 feet. Both of these basins that exist here are spring fed. The waterfalls here are from the beautiful hills around Torphichen to the south.

It is one of the few local fisheries that allow trout fishing with bait and fly. The total area of the upper reservoir or Bowden Loch is about two acres.

The authority allows flyfish only here. It is possible to catch fish here with both imitative and lure patterns. The loch has well stocked with blue & rainbow trout.

Bowden Springs Fishery
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The lower reservoir, Carriber Loch, covers a large area of about five acres. It has a paved path that covers a big part of the Carriber Loch.

Anglers can pick from many casting platforms, and platforms have dotted signs around the loch edge. A limited number of boats are available for the fly fishers in this fantastic venue.

The loch has a large stock. It consisted of brown, blue, and rainbow trout. There is no Catch and Release system available on Carribber Loch.

Two spring-fed streams are entering at each corner at the South end of the lochs. These are often ideal spots for fish to feed on items that fall into the loch from the streams.

But fish also patrol the edge of the loch. Visitors can often see them breaking the surface of the water. It is visible when there are plenty of hatching nymphs or buzzers about.

Bowden also has an onsite tackle shop, and all angling goods are available there. Some tasty snacks are also available there. Bowden Springs have three cottages.

Sometimes the authority rents these cottages as part of a fishing package. These facilities have established this fishery as a great place without any question.

It is a great fishing venue, and many hard-fighting fish consider it home. The setting of Bowden Springs is unbelievable. Everywhere inside and outside of the site is immaculate.

The owner, Jim, is a great guy and always willing to help the anglers. The groundsman is also very helpful and intelligent, without any doubt.

The groundsman is very intelligent and supportive of fishing and is a good guy. They have made this fishing site immaculate and a great place.

It is possible to say that this spot for catching fish has the elements of becoming an ideal fishing site. It can offer some great moments to any angler.


There are many things to explore in this Scottish venue for catching fish. Anglers who visit this site enjoy some memorable moments without any doubt.

It has every element available that is necessary for offering beautiful moments. Many Scottish visit this site and enjoy some time away from modern life in nature.

Many people living in Scotland are aware of the benefits of fishing. So they love this activity like the people of other parts of Great Britain.

The people who work in this Scottish site catching fish are so good and intelligent. They ensure everything that an angler need to catch fish.

If you live near this site in Scotland, do not hesitate to visit. It is an ideal site that can give you great pleasure without any questions.

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