Waterside Fishery: A Serene Haven for Fishing Enthusiasts


If you want to know about a popular activity of the people of Britain, it is fishing. Fishing is so popular that it established itself as the largest participant sport in the UK.

Many fisheries are available in the different parts of the Island country named the UK. Waterside Fishery is one of these fishing sites available in the United Kingdom.

This fantastic spot for catching fish is in the area named Chesham. It is a market town and civil parish in the Buckinghamshire County of the United Kingdom.

More Information About Waterside Fishery

There are two outstanding lakes available in this magnificent venue for catching fish. This venue for fishing is in the heart of the Buckinghamshire County of England.

This venue consisted of seventeen acres of woodland with the river chess alongside. It is open for all types of anglers as an exclusive bookings water reservoir.

Waterside Fishery
Carp is available in the Waterside Fishery. Rob Hille, Public domain, via Wikimedia Commons

It is a specimen carp water reservoir with fish over 60 lb in size. The authority is investing more money into this fishery.

They are doing it to make a more enjoyable experience for everyone. They always look forward to welcoming anglers to the bank and hearing their thoughts.

This site is a haven for all types of anglers, without any doubt. There are two fantastic lakes available in this venue for fishing.

Heron Lake

It is 1.6 acres lake set in secure grounds of the Chess Valley, Buckinghamshire. More than 80 carp are present in this lake. One of the biggest ones is about 35 lb.

The lake is possible to book only with up to 5 people. The authority does not allow day tickets. It has an on-site toilet/shower with a kitted-out cabin.

It also has a full kitchen with a TV and sofa with an outside BBQ and seating area. The prices are for the whole lake use, not per person.

Kingfisher Lake

Kingfisher is on the same complex as Heron Lake. It is about 6 acres and has a stock of 110 carp up to 61.3 lb, 20 of which are over 30 lb.

This fantastic lake has a cabin with a shower, toilet, and fridge/freezer for food. It also has a large social area with two BBQs that can offer fascinating moments.

Rules of This Fishery

The fishing site has many rules, and this venue has some perfect rules. Every angler should follow these for a fantastic fishing experience on this site.

  • All the fishing elements must be dry before arriving at this venue.
  • Anglers should not bring any litter and take all their rubbish home.
  • The authority does not allow any braided main line.
  • They do not allow fires, but they allow Raised BBQs.
  • Anglers must move to swim after seven nights.
  • This venue does not allow any pop-up tents or camping tents.
  • It does not allow to park any cars on the lake.
  • Everyone should respect their fellow anglers.
  • Anglers should bring micro-barbed hooks only in this spot.
  • Pike season of this spot to catch fish is October-end of February.
  • Every angler must have an ideal carp care kit.
  • The authority allows dogs, but the anglers must keep them on leads!


There is no doubt this fishing site is an ideal location for all types of anglers. You may be an expert or beginner in fishing, but Waterside Chesham Fishery welcomes all.

It remains ready to offer some memorable moments to the anglers who visit here. There are many things available to explore in the surrounding area of this fishing site.

It is possible to say that a good experience is waiting here for all anglers in this place. They will able to enjoy some peaceful and relaxing moments in this place of Chesham.

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