Ham Green Lake: A Haven For Fishing in Natural Beauty


Escape to a peaceful fishery with two beautiful lakes that will take you back in time. You can enjoy carp and specimen coarse fishing on these mature lakes.

You can catch big fish like Tench, Pike, and carp at this beautiful place. You can enjoy memorable moments here with family and friends.

Ham Green Top Lake

Children under ten can fish for free with a paying adult. This 2.5-acre area of bristol fishing lakes is perfect for coarse fishing enthusiasts.

The road at the bottom of Ham Green Lake is a natural and historic waterway. Scholars have dated it back to Roman times. The Bristol Angling Club used to own the lake.

The current owner remembers the moments of catching fish there in the 1960’s. They restored the venue, and now it has 11,000 fish, making it a popular spot to catch fish.

The fish are healthy and reflect their natural habitat. You can change your tackle and approach to outwit incredible fish and changing seasons.

Ham Green Lake
mattbuck (category)CC BY-SA 2.0, via Wikimedia Commons

If you enjoy float fishing, you can target the finicky Crucian carp, and it can weigh over 2lb. You can also catch Roach and Rudd, which reach 2lb.

If you want a bigger fish, you can try catching the dark olive-green Tench or the bronze bream. These fish can weigh over 8lb and 9lb, respectively.

There are also some carp that weigh around low doubles. For the predator angler among you, there are Pike to 20lb, Eels to 5lb, and Perch to 2lb too!

There are 22 swims on the West bank, each with many lily pads to fish near. It gives you many options at different distances.

You can only fish from one side. It gives the fish a safe place to behave naturally. There are many features to choose from to catch them with accurate baiting.

The lake’s depths range from 2ft to 7ft. The bottom is silty, but there are firm spots. These spots are good to start baiting.

Bottom Lake

The Bottom Lake is perfect for carp fishing. It has only seven swims on a 1.5-acre lake, so each angler has plenty of space.

The lake is rectangular, making it challenging to catch the elusive carp. This lake has about 50 carp, with the largest weighing over 28lb.

The authorities treat each carp with respect because some are rare visitors. That’s why they are in good condition and perfect for photos.

To find where the carp naturally want to feed, watch for cloudy water, bubbles, and fizzing. Being skilled at operating boats is necessary because the water is shallow and muddy.

The depth ranges from 2 to 9 feet. You can find firmer patches if you have skill with a marker or leading rod. The western bank of the river has trees and is ideal for fishing.

The far side is 40 to 45 yards away. If you’re good at long-range accuracy, you should try to catch fish there. There is no fishing section at the car park end.

You can also find lily pads and overhanging marginal areas. These areas have many visible features and zones to target.

Anglers who usually succeed fish with small amounts of bait, targeting one bite at a time. Tactics like mesh bags or solid PVA bags appear to be most effective.


Fishing is popular in the United Kingdom, without any doubt. People love it because it is a unique and great experience. It is not easy to catch fish here.

Ham Green Lake is more suitable for skilled anglers who enjoy the challenge. Many local and returning anglers benefit from having good boats and patience.

A lot of Bristol residents understand the advantages of fishing at this location. Fishing helps you concentrate and gives you vitamin D.

If you live nearby, you should visit this amazing place. It offers fantastic moments and fascinating things to explore.

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