Tri-Nant Fishery: Reel in the Beauty of Fishing


The Rhondda Valleys host this fantastic fishing site named Tri-Nant Fishery. It covers 45 acres of peaceful countryside. The facility has a total of 6 acres of water.

There are three different fishing spots with various fish species. You can find ghosts, mirrors, common carp, tench, roach, rudd, and bream here.

More Information About Tri-Nant Fishery

The fishery is open every day from 8 a.m. to 8 p.m. Before going to the lakes, you need to buy admission tickets. Kingfisher Lake, called Bottom Lake, has 22 pegs and is only for carp fishing.

The lake has big fish, like a 21lb mirror called “Peggy,” caught by a local angler. The biggest fish in this area weighed 28lb. Mallard Pool, also called Top Lake, is the second body of water.

The pond contains 17 pegs and stocks various fish species, such as carp, bream, perch, roach, rudd, and tench. Carp can weigh up to 20 pounds here.

Dragonfly Lake, or middle lake, is the smallest of the three bodies of water. It has 17 pegs to catch fish and a variety of fish like carp, bream, and perch.

Catching fish is a popular hobby in the United Kingdom, known by everyone in the country. This hobby in Great Britain is one of the biggest sports, without any doubt.

The people of the United Kingdom love this activity because it is famous and popular. This great sport has many benefits. It helps you get vitamin D and improves concentration.

It is a popular sport and hobby in the United Kingdom, without any doubt. In the UK, people have busy lives. Catching fish gives them pleasure amidst their busyness.

This site has a great team that’s always busy doing beneficial things for anglers. The people working here give their best to make anglers happy by using their knowledge to catch fish.

Tri-Nant Fishery
It is not the image of the Trinant Fishery but a symbolic image of angling. Photo by Maƫl BALLAND on Unsplash

Many people in the UK love angling and consider it a great hobby. Many people in the UK enjoy catching fish as many angling spots are available.

This site is fantastic! It can help hundreds of people with its great features and offerings. Experienced fishermen love this spot. It helps them catch fish and make memories.

Whether you’re a pro or just starting, this site has everything for a great fishing trip. The surroundings of this site are worthy of praise because they have the beauty of nature.

We already know about the location of this fantastic site. It is a beautiful place named the Rhondda Valley.

The Rhondda Valley in South Wales used to be a coal mining area. The River Rhondda gives its name to the Rhondda. It has two valleys: Rhondda Fawr and Rhondda Fach.

People often use both the singular and plural forms of Rhondda Valley. This area is part of the South Wales Valleys. From 1897 to 1996, there was a local government district called Rhondda.


Before deciding to fish at this great site, there are some things to know. Each piece of information is valuable to have a great fishing experience here.

People want a calm, pleasant place to spend time with loved ones and friends. They enjoy fishing in natural surroundings with majestic beauty.

There are many things to explore in the area, and many anglers love to explore this area without any doubt.

If you live near Trinant Fishery, you can explore many things in this fantastic area. You can be sure it won’t frustrate you.

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