Aldercar Lane Fishery: A Perfect Place to Enjoy Fishing


Aldercar Lane Fishery is a new fishing spot in Nottinghamshire. It is popular with match and pleasure anglers. The location is near Aldercar.

Pete Thexton, also known as “Thecko,” owns the fishery and used to run Mill Tackle in Langley Mill. This spot is ideal for new anglers, without any doubt.

You can catch fish all year using various methods. Be cautious during winter, as the banks are slippery. Avoid falling and getting hurt or damaging your gear.

More Information About Aldercar Lane Fishery

Aldercar Fishery is a perfect place for beginners. You can catch fish all year using different techniques. There are six lakes: Folly, Railway, Acorn, Snipe, Bridge, and Copse.

Bream, Carp, Rudd, Tench, and Chub are the ideal fish caught at the site. The site is well-known for Carp/Specimen, Coarse, and Match fishing.

The patio has seats facing the lakes, with a great front view of Brinsley Eastwood and Jacksdale. The lakes attract lots of animals.

This site authority works with wildlife organizations to keep the habitat nice. Maggie’s Den is in a great spot. It welcomes fishermen and people on horses, walking dogs, or enjoying fresh air.

The parking is good, and the pegs are well-maintained. There is also a great cafe on site with delicious food, especially breakfast.

The lakes are well stocked, and there are challenges for all levels of angling experience. It is a great place to fish, and many people visit there regularly.

Enjoy a beautiful breakfast with stunning views of the fish and fields. You can see Brinsley and Underwood from here. The chef cooks breakfast to order, and it’s worth a visit.

Aldercar Lane Fishery
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The fish stock is healthy and cared for. The staff is friendly, and the facility is well-maintained. There are many lakes to choose from for easy fishing.

You can catch fish all day by using maggots and sweetcorn. It’s a great place to take your kids. The staff is very supportive and advises on where to go, etc.

Aldercar Fishery is a Stillwater fishery. It is famous for Carp/Specimen, Coarse, and Match fishing. Bream, Carp, and Chub are some of the main fish you can catch there.

You can go fishing there with a Day Ticket. The owners have made it accessible for disabled people. You can also buy food and drinks on-site. The fishery has toilets available.

Maggies Den

After working in a busy kitchen for 25 years, the cafe owner left her old job. She started Maggies Den in April 2009. Maggie’s breakfasts are well-known in the community, without any doubt.

The owner bakes them every day for the customer. Customers can choose from a wide variety, like egg custard, cheese pie, scones, or pastries.

The menu of Maggies Den has many options to pick from. The restaurant is open from 7 am to 2 pm. They prepare hot food until 1.30 pm.

Drinks and sandwiches/cobs are available until 2 pm. You can order takeout from here, and telephone orders are welcome.

Fishery Rules

Before fishing, please get day tickets from the clubhouse. The tickets cost £8 for full admission and £6 for concessions.

You can only use fishery pellets bought on-site and barbless hooks up to size 10. Please do not use floating baits, boilies, meat, blood worms, or jokers.

Dogs and cycling are not allowed around the lakeside. Please use landing nets at all times. Keep nets are only allowed during authorized matches.

Use two keep nets: one for carp and one for silverfish during matches. Each net has a 50lb limit. During matches or when the pond is not open, spectators are not allowed inside.

Dip all nets before and after use. Night fishing is not permitted. Avoid using braided line and feeder fishing on the pole.

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