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There are many majestic places in the European country of the United Kingdom. There is no doubt that Fredville Park is one of these beautiful places.

This area is in the Nonington village of England. This village is in the southeast corner of Kent. The location of this village is halfway between the historic city of Canterbury and Dover.

trees in Fredville Park
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Dover is a channel port and a valuable town in the United Kingdom. Many people live in this beautiful village and love to visit the majestic park.

The nature of the park attracts many types of people, including young and old. The offerings of the park can improve the beauty thirst of the people.

Information to Know about Fredville Park

This place is on the southern edge of the village of Nonington. It is 3 km southeast of Aylesham and 16 km southeast of Canterbury.

It is 16 km northwest of Dover and 5 km east of the A2 road. This site has a total area of 100 hectares in the parish of Nonington.

It lies within the square marked out by Holt Street to the northwest. Mill Lane is in the northeast of this site.

Sandwich Lane is in the southeast, and Nightingale Lane is to the southwest of this place. It occupies a shallow valley running north-south through the center of the site.

There was a mansion on the east-facing slope. The gentle nature of the topography means that the views have many unique things to offer.

The rising landscape provides pleasant vistas of parkland with boundary trees. Many old trees enhanced the beauty of this area, without any doubt.

Fredville mansion stood on a leveled platform where people enjoyed a pleasant view. It was the view of an extensive lawn to the east and the parkland beyond.

This landscape survives through the distribution of the main structural elements of boundaries. It also exists for the parkland plantings, approach drives, and pleasure grounds.

Several oak trees of great age and size are available in the area. These oak trees are more than 200 years old.

Four of these trees have existed for so long, and they acquired local names. The name of one of these oak trees is Majesty.

This tree is the largest surviving maiden oak in the United Kingdom. The Guinness Book of Records listed this oak tree in England.

They did it to recognize its 400-450 years of age. The other three gnarled, massive trees are Staghorn, Beauty, and Stately.

These are not similar in size to the big oak tree in England named Majesty. There is a place called Spanish chestnut avenue.

It runs southeast across the park, well away from the site of the old house. It is the structure of the 17th century.

The natural beauty of this area is beyond description. Many trees and the field, which is full of green grass, are attractive. Many people visit this location for this attraction.

The oldest oak tree in England increases the attraction of this area to the people, without any doubt. Many people come to visit this place to see this tree.

Fredville Park is private property, but people can access it. The owners of this property are good people. So you can visit this place without any hesitation.

History of This Place

Fredville is an ancient word, and its origin is unknown. Visitors will see here woodland and parkland with many magnificent trees.

There was a house in the year of 1945. People consider this a valuable estate, as it is in a high-quality land in east Kent.

Fredville Park: Some Facts About This Beautiful Place
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The owner of this park was a succession of families, including the Boys. This family was a famous local family and owner of many estates in the area.

The Plumptre family achieved its ownership in 1750. The basic formation of this park dates from at least the mid-19th century.

It seems to reflect the landscape that formed the setting for the Georgian house. The chestnut avenue suggests development from an earlier 17th-century landscape setting.


This unique area has seen many modifications with the changing of the time. This land has many things to offer to the visitors, without any doubt.

A public bridleway crosses the Fredville Park from north to south. Various public footpaths also cross this area. It provides access to the people to enjoy the views inside the spot.

Many people visit this beautiful landscape to see many ancient trees. If you live near this land, do not hesitate to go there and explore its mystery.

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