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Aylesham is a village in the district of Dover in the Kent County of the United Kingdom. Aylesham Welfare Leisure Centre is in this village.

The location of this village is 6.5 miles southeast of Canterbury. People know Canterbury as the town of the cathedral.

It is also around 8.5 miles northwest of the small port town of Dover. There was a coal mine near this village.

The coal mine is the reason behind the creation of this village in the year 1920. Workers of the coal miners lived in this village. This Leisure center in this area is a great place for exercise.

Information About Aylesham Welfare Leisure Centre

There are many things to know about this place. It is home to a brand-new sports bar that has a family-friendly environment.

It offers affordable hot food every day. It also offers homemade cakes with coffee. The center has a large gym, fitness room, and outdoor pitches.

It also has changing rooms to cater to the community’s fitness needs. It is possible to enjoy a good time in this center as the authority offer everything to please the people.

Many people of this village and nearby area visit this center. It is a good place for people, without any doubt.

The Gym

It is a popular place in the area as a gym. The gym authority has a high dedication to making fitness accessible to everyone.

Regular physical activity has great benefits for both physical and mental health. This gym offers a fantastic range of Cardio, strength, and functional equipment.

Aylesham Welfare Leisure Centre: Important Facts to Know
Photo by Tony Woodhead on Unsplash

This equipment is right on the doorstep of the residents of Aylesham. The authority offers service every month at the low cost of £25 without any contracts.

They do it as their main aim is to make fitness accessible for everyone. They have an excellent team of personal trainers and coaches.

They can offer affordable support in reaching the goals of customers. They do not accept memberships of any under 18 customers.

Fitness Classes

The center arranges a range of fitness class sessions that anyone can take part in. It can help participants to become more active, without any doubt.

They have a program that offers a range of classes that help people with mobility issues. You can also call this issue a low level of fitness.

They also run low-cost classes to make it easier for those on limited incomes. It means people with low budgets can also take part in these classes.

They also have external hires that offer fitness classes such as yoga. It is a perfect place to improve the fitness, without any doubt. It plays a vital role in building a healthy society.

Things to know about the charity

This charity helps to improve the lives of the local people. It provides a range of low-cost services to the community.

They do it to make the area a better place to live. They use the income from this charity to improve the lives of the local people.

A part of their strategy is to develop new services to support other charities. They like to help other charities in building their community.

It helps them to spread the good work that they do to reach more people. Many famous institution work with this charity.

There is a team of 45 hard-working staff who try their best for this charity. Invicta Community and Leisure is the operator of the Centre.

The members are an essential part of the charity. They are responsible for electing the board of trustees. They can also hold them accountable for getting good service.


It is a famous place in the area where people get many services like a gym and fitness classes. Many people visit this center to enjoy these services.

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