Hawkhurst Fishery: An Interesting Place to Visit


There are many beautiful places in Kent County in the United Kingdom. Some of these places have natural beauty with commercial value.

Hawkhurst Fishery is a place that has natural beauty with commercial value. Owners of this fish farm make large amounts of profits from it every year.

Fish in Hawkhurst Fishery
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Many people have a connection with this fish farming project. The fish farm is a big area and has many notable places to visit.

If you live near the fish farm, try to visit it to discover. You can explore how the fish farm sells fish to the buyers. It means how they earn money by selling fish.

Information to Know about Hawkhurst Fishery

It is a large fish farm in the tranquil environment of Kent countryside. It is also famous as Hawkhurst Fish Farm and a seven-lake fishery.

The complex has many lakes and ponds which are abundant in fish. The water of these lakes and ponds shelters mirror carp, common carp, grass carp, catfish, and tench.

It also holds the small roach, odd eel, rudd, and perch. The ponds and lake remain closed from mid-December to Mid February. But the Specimen Lake remains open all the time.

This beautiful area contains picturesque features such as gardens and a waterfall. It also shelters large wildlife such as ducks, swans, swifts, swallows, and kingfishers.

The lakes of Hawkhurst Fish Farm have many oxygenating springs. These springs pump flumes of bubbles from the bottom to the surface.

These pumps create mini jacuzzis, which the fish seem to have attraction. The complex is around a large cafe that overlooks the Main Lake.

This farm has the blessing of nature, without any doubt. The authority of Hawkhurst Fish Farm tried their best to make it beautiful.

The natural beauty in the ponds of this farm is enjoyable, and many people visit to enjoy it. There are many lakes here. Let’s know in detail about these lakes.

Match Lake

After entering the complex, you will see Match Lake. It is next to Main Lake and the cafe and is famous as the main building.

It is a one-acre rectangle-shaped lake and contains 20 places for the swim. These places for swims are flat wooden platforms.

It stretches over the edge of the water. The bottom of this lake has a basin shape and starts at a few feet at the edges.

It drops to 11 feet in the center. The lake has many oxygenating springs. Match bookings and corporate events are available on this lake.


The largest lake on the farm is the Main, and it is the second. Its total area is 4 acres. There is a large cafe in front of this where many people visit and drink coffee.

There are many things around this lake. It includes trees, bushes, islands, bridges, and oxygenating bubble springs. It also reeds in the margins.


The name of a square-shaped 11/2 acre lake is Dove. It has surroundings of trees, shrubbery, and patches of reeds. It has two islands and many oxygenating bubble springs. 

Junior Lakes

Visitors will see three junior rectangle-shaped ponds. These ponds are beside the bailiff’s office and flower shop. It is also below Specimen Lake.

The total size of these ponds is approximately 1/4 acre. These ponds contain many oxygenating bubble springs. Fishes have an attraction to these bubble springs.


The specimen is the furthest lake in the complex from the entrance. It offers a sense of seclusion from the rest of the fishery. It has a wild, natural-looking environment.

It has many things, including patches of lily pads, overhanging trees, and bushes. It also has patches of reeds in the margins, an island, and oxygenating bubble springs.


The natural beauty of this property of England is beyond description. Anyone can enjoy a good time in this area, without any doubt.

Many people take the chance of visiting this place because of this reason. Many facilities in this complex include a cafe. This cafe provides fresh meals with hot and cold beverages.

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