Merriments Gardens: Some Interesting Facts to Know


The Hawkhurst village of Kent County in England is beautiful. There are many attractive places near it. Merriments Gardens is one of these beautiful places, without any doubt.

It is hard to find a person in the United Kingdom or the world who does not love flowers. This garden of East Sussex County has many species of beautiful flowers.

Facts about Merriments Gardens
Merriments Gardens by Oast House ArchiveCC BY-SA 2.0, via Wikimedia Commons

These flowers attract people from Hawkhurst village and nearby areas to visit. They visit this place and buy flowers to adorn their homes or propose to their loved ones.

It offers many things that are enough for visitors, without any doubt. This place consists of a shop, restaurant, and plant center. It also has a beautiful 4-acre RHS Partner Garden.

Information About Merriments Gardens

There are many things inside Merriments Gardens, without any doubt. Visitors will see an RHS Partner Garden, Plant Centre, Shop, and Restaurant in this area.

The location of this place is near the border between two counties. These counties are Kent and East Sussex. But it is inside East Sussex County.

There are thousands of plants visible that the authority grows in their nursery. These plants are available to buy in the plant center. Anyone who wants to buy it, buy from there.

It has a complete range of plants, from Alpines and Bedding to Shrubs and Trees. The shop sells an excellent range of compost, tools, and garden sundries.

It also sells various gifts, cards, and home accessories. Local producers of the area produce most of these products. Merriments Restaurant is a table service.

It has a license to serve breakfasts, morning coffee, lunches, and afternoon tea. The authority makes these food using fresh seasonal and local ingredients.

Many people in the area visit this restaurant to eat. There is no doubt that it offers high-quality food to its customer. Authority tries its best to fulfill the need of customers.

The licensed Restaurant is famous for its fresh and seasonal fare. People know it for using local ingredients and offering table service.

The authority serves food in a bright and friendly environment. Their comprehensive menu caters to all dietary requirements.

They serve Lavazza coffee, breakfast, lunch, and afternoon tea, seven days a week. The menu changes with the seasons.

There is a talented kitchen team who always loves to bake something exciting. They offer a reduced menu of light lunches.

The four-acre RHS Partner Garden is a hidden treasure for garden lovers. The beautiful color-themed borders of inspiring planting are amongst the rolling countryside.

It evolves through the seasons from Spring pastels to the fiery Autumns hues of the many trees. Owners planted the trees in a relaxed, classic, and contemporary style.

You can enjoy formal and wild plantings on a gentle slope. It has south facing site with good parking and easy access. It is a beautiful place, without any doubt.

If you live in the nearby area of this place, you will find many great garden essentials here. The shop owners are to supply a comprehensive range of garden essentials.

They are also proud to supply a unique curated selection of gifts. They work with local producers of toiletries and cards. They offer a comprehensive range of garden sundries and tools.

They also have composts, chemicals and fertilizers, cards, decorations, and home accessories. If you want to arrange any function, this shop can fulfill your need with its products.

Authority gives its most focus on the nursery that they have grown themselves. They increased the nursery output enabling their Plant Center to thrive.

Many plant species do not grow on their own. They look to local nurseries and British suppliers. But they emphasize high quality, good value stock.

They aim to pass it on to their customers with confidence. They continue to offer advice and guidance through plant specialists. They help to solve garden-related problems through this.


Merriments Gardens is a beautiful place, without any doubt. It offers many things to its visitors and customers. You can visit this place to explore it.

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