Ely Eventing Centre: Some Interesting Facts to Know


Do you love horse riding? If the answer is yes, Ely Eventing Centre is a perfect place for you to learn to horse ride. It is home to Cambridgeshire’s premier equestrian event.

There is no doubt that riding hoses is a way of great fun. Many people become addicted to riding a horse to get this fun. But the mentionable thing is that horses are not motorcycles.

Horse riding in Ely Eventing Centre
Photo by Mikayla Storms on Unsplash

They have a mind of their own because they are a species of animals like humans. This majestic animal does not come with instruction manuals.

If you visit this place, you will see many people who are riding horses. Many companies in the United Kingdom sponsor these horse-riding initiatives.

Information About Ely Eventing Centre

There is no doubt that this place is perfect for horse riding. The main asset of this center is the unique soil. This kind of soil is available in the fens.

It creates excellent ground conditions throughout the year despite the weather conditions. The Cross Country course remains open all year round.

It also depends on weather conditions. There are many facilities in this center. These facilities include cross Country schooling in a designated.

It has a variety of fences and training exercises. These fences start at 2ft and range up to 3ft. The majority are around BE90 and BE100 levels.

There are two water complexes with a large variety of jumping options. It includes jumping in the water. The central complex is one of the largest in Europe.

The complex is next to the road and now features a jumping island. There are lots of ditches available filled with water in all sizes.

It includes six different coffin combinations. There are many road complexes and separate bank areas to suit all levels. Why should you ride a horse?

There are many answers to this question, without any doubt. One of the most mentionable answers is the health benefit of horse riding.

It helps to improve cardiovascular health. According to a study, horseback riding is a great cardiovascular workout.

A half-hour of riding is moderate exercise. It also helps to increase your core strength. Pushing the legs into the horse’s body ignites the core muscle.

It is imperative for balance and posture. Another health benefit of horseback riding is that it helps to burn calories.

Horseback riding for 45 minutes can help you burn 200 calories. Horseback riding has a long history that dates back to prehistoric times.

People used horses for warfare, pulling carts, and as a transportation medium. The people who lived in 6000 BC first used and domesticated horses.

In modern times, horseback riding is a recreational and sporting activity. Ely Eventing Centre is a place that provides recreation through horseback riding.

People of the United Kingdom love to ride the horse. So they visit this type of place as part of their recreational activity.

This area is under the Little Downham village of the United Kingdom. This village is east of Cambridgeshire and three miles away from Ely City.

Little Downham Local Nature Reserve is in this area. Many people visit this nature reserve of the village to get a touch of nature.

This reserve and the center are two notable places in Little Downham. Visiting this village in the United Kingdom is not a bad idea.

It has many mentionable things to offer. Its offering includes these two places. But the place for horse riding has more things to offer.

Many companies sponsor Little Downham horse trails. British Eventing, Childeric, Bailyes, Rossdales, Letter Gold, and Sundown are these companies.

There are many other companies besides these. Horse riding is a thing that is famous as a recreational activity for some people.

It is the place where these people fulfill their hobbies. The surrounding areas of this place are attractive, without any doubt.

The owner of this eventing center is Tina Ure. They work with British Eventing to put on ten days of affiliated eventing each year.

There are classrooms and kitchens available for the participants by prior arrangements. Authority also can provide temporary stability if required.

If you live near this area, you can visit to explore more. Many people come to this center many times. It has many things to offer, without any doubt.


There is no doubt that Ely Eventing Centre is a perfect place to fulfill the passion for horse riding. If you want to ride a horse, do not hesitate to come here.

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