Fredville Oak: Some Amazing Facts About This Tree


Fredville Oak is a tree in the Fredville Park of Nonington in England. This tree is famous among people as the name of Majesty.

There are many things to know about this tree. Many tree lovers and experts consider this oak tree the most impressive in Great Britain.

Fredville oak or Majesty
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Some people even think it is the most impressive of all trees in the country. It is one of the large oak in Great Britain.

This great wonder attracts many visitors to the park as it is the main attraction. It has many things to offer to the visitors.

Its age and size create curiosity in the mind of the people. This majestic wonder is in a beautiful place, without any doubt.

Things to Know About Fredville Oak

If we discuss this giant wonder, we should talk about its location. This great wonder is in a park in the Nonington village named Fredville Park.

This park is a beautiful place which has many things to see. Many people from different parts of Great Britain visit this place. It is a perfect place to enjoy a good time.

The small village Nonington lies between Dover and Canterbury in Kent county of the UK. The Fredville Park Estate is south of this magnificent village.

There is no doubt that this park of Nonington village is home to several ancient trees. The most valuable tree of Fredville Park is Majesty. Its other name is Fredville Oak.

This great wonder is one of the most impressive Oaks in the United Kingdom. It is the to the famous dendrologist, the late Alan Mitchell, and many others.

The enormous trunk of this wonder has a circumference of twelve point three meters. There are more than six oaks trees in the United Kingdom with a larger width.

But all these oaks are short-trunked pollards. This impressive oak has a long trunk of up to nine meters. In total, this wonder is 18 meters tall.

For many years this majestic oak named Majesty was anonymous. Even many residents of the nearby village did not know of its existence.

It became famous in the book of Thomas Pakenham, Meetings with Remarkable Trees. Many people started to visit after reading this book.

The writings about these magnificent oaks attracted not only the people of the UK but also the world. Many groups from Holland and as far away as Japan visit Fredville Oak.

There is no doubt that this great wonder has many things to offer to the people of the United Kingdom. It is the witness of many historical events in Great Britain.

This magnificent oak lost an enormous limb at 3-4m height at the south side of the trunk. It created a big void and showed the hollowness of the tree.

Another thing happened with it on the weekend of 1 and 2 August 2009. The double branch broke off from around eight to nine-meter height on the north side of the tree.

Fredville oak tree
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It was the last primary limb, and other branches are of the secondary, epicormic type. Mr. Plumtree, the property owner, has left a big limb lying against the trunk.

There are many contradictory opinions about the age of the tree. Many people think this huge tree must be 1000 years old or more.


It is not wrong to consider majesty as one of the beautiful oak trees of the United Kingdom. Its large size and thousands of green leaves give it a unique form of beauty.

The location of this great wonder is unique and beautiful as it is a park in the Nonington village of England. This park is so beautiful, without any doubt.

This majestic tree has many things to offer to the people who visit. Many people from Great Britain and other countries visit the park to see this old tree.

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