Hawkhurst Community Hospital: Important Facts To Know


Hawkhurst is a village in Kent County in the United Kingdom. This village is under the Borough of Tunbridge Wells. It is a local government district in England.

Many people live in this area, and to take care of their health of this people, there is a hospital. Its name is Hawkhurst Community Hospital.

Hawkhurst Community Hospital in Kent
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There is no doubt that it provides high-quality service to its visitors. People who live in Hawkhurst village or nearby areas visit this hospital.

The United Kingdom is one of the most wealthy countries in the world, without any doubt. It has world-class healthcare facilities, and this hospital also provides high facilities.

Information to Know about Hawkhurst Community Hospital

This hospital plays a vital role in providing high-quality service to people. It is a 22 beds hospital and has single rooms and small wards.

The primary focus of this hospital is to provide rehabilitation care for inpatients. It includes both the acute sector and people’s homes.

Another important fact is that there is an outpatient department. It focuses on Physiotherapy and remains open on Monday, 8 am-4 pm.

It also gives service on Tuesdays & Thursdays 8 am-5 pm. This health care center gives a base for visiting Consultants.

It also provides a base for Therapists, Specialist Nurses, and Community Midwives. They provide ante-natal and post-natal services.

An important fact is that the location of this health care center is beautiful. The touch of greenery is visible in every corner of this place.

Beautiful nature can help to improve the patient’s health. Exposure to nature makes us feel better and contributes to our physical well-being.

It helps to reduce blood pressure, heart rate, and muscle tension. It also hampers the production of stress hormones. It is beneficial for health.

According to scientists, it may even reduce mortality. This health center has the elements of nature which can perform the task of healing patients.

It is possible to enjoy the beauty of nature from the window. There is a big field at the backside of the health center and a beautiful road on the front side.

Several other buildings are also there, which may be residential homes. After you admit yourself to this hospital, the authority appoints a nurse.

The nurse works as part of the ward’s multidisciplinary team to make an individual care plan. The doctors of the health center aim to recover the patient as much independence as possible.

They aim to do this before the patients return to their homes. There is a parking space for cars in this hospital in Hawkhurst Village.

Authority made this parking space for the people who come by car and stay in the hospital. But there is no restaurant in the nearby area of this place.

Visitors can buy their meals from the health center by speaking to a member of the ward team. There is no vending machine available in the hospital.

But some shops sell personal care items, confectionery, and cards. The doctors and nurses of the hospital try to take proper care of the patient.

The visiting time in this health center is 1 to 6 pm to protect lunchtime meals. Authority allows two visitors at the bedside of patients at a time.

But in some serious, situation they allow more. They also allow children at the bedside of patients. They usually work together with the family members of the patients for better care.


I have already said that the United Kingdom has high-quality medical facilities. This health center also provides high-quality service, as it is in the United Kingdom.

The natural beauty around this health center has made it a special place, without any doubt. People of Hawkhurst and other areas love to visit this place.

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