Beltinge: Interesting Facts About This Place In Kent


Beltinge is an area near the coast and a low-cliff suburb of Herne Bay in Kent County. Herne Bay is a seaside town, and many people in this town love to visit Beltinge.

This area forms the easternmost part of the town of Herne Bay. It is in the west of the small village of Reculver. This village is also a coastal resort 5 km east of Herne Bay.

Beltinge in Kent
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Beltinge had a valuable Roman Fort and a channel. The channel served to provide a safer passage around the Isle of Thanet. It worked until the early middle ages.

There are many things to know about this place in England near the coast. This place has importance among the people of nearby towns and villages.

Geography of This Place

There are three contagious eastern residential localities in the nearest town. These contagious eastern localities are Beltinge, Bishopstone, and Hillsborough.

This suburb of the coastal area is a large central part of the sloping cliff range. These are the first cliffs in the eastern part of the British capital London.

A pedestrian promenade is in the north of this area, named the Saxon Shore Way. It is part of the round-Kent coastal long-distance walk.

There are three nearby flights of steps. It connects the promenade with the rest of the east of Herne Bay or Beltinge. Three small areas are in the southern part of this suburb.

These areas form a buffer zone and separate the eastern development from the A299. It also helps to separate from the Chatham Main Line.

Reculver & Beltinge Memorial Hall

More than fifteen different organizations use this building. One thousand five hundred visitors visit here every month because of this reason. It is the structure of the year 1920.

The original building was famous as Reculver and Beltinge Parish Hall and was First World War Army Hut. A group of gentlemen created a committee.

These committees operate, and anyone wanting to hire had to apply to the committee. The committee decided to rename the structure in 1946.

They changed the name of the building in honor of those who fought in the two World Wars. But the hall started to show the presence of the rat in the Kitchen.

So the committee decided to build a new hall. The villagers collected money for the new building from the local people.

The building we see today is the result of that money. The Charities Commission commission governs this hall on behalf of the villagers.

Villagers elect a committee each year to run the hall by vote. These committees have raised money over the years.

They applied the money for developing this structure which many people visit. This building is one of the most valuable places in this coastal suburb.

Miramar Care Home

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There are many facilities, including landscaped garden and four lounges to relax. There is also a coastal lounge with stunning sea views and a comfy coffee lounge.

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Many people live in this area of a small town in the United Kingdom. It is a vibrant place, without any doubt. There are many shops available that sell valuable items to people.

If you have enough time, visit this place and enjoy its environment with your own eyes. There are many elements for doing recreational activities here.

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