Holyfield Fishery: Amazing Facts to Know


If you want to know about a notable fishing spot in the Waltham Abbey area, it is Holyfield Fishery. Waltham Abbey is a town in the spring forest district of Essex County.

People living in Waltham Abbey know about this place for catching fish. There is a large number of people among them who visit here to catch fish.

It is possible to praise the natural beauty of the surrounding area of this site. The beautiful nature can provide another level of joy to the anglers.

This fishing site has every element to attract different types of anglers. Anglers gather here from the many corners of the Essex County of the United Kingdom.

More Information About Holyfield Fishery

There are three lakes available in this magnificent fishing spot named Holyfield Fishery. There is also a stretch of the relief channel, which joins the river Lea.

The authority of this site tries to provide all types of facilities to the people who visit here for angling. Fishing here gives another level of joy to the mind of the anglers.

There are good quality toilets available for the use of the anglers. A Cafe also exists there that provides good food to the anglers.

Authority provides a car park with 24-hour CCTV monitoring. These facilities play a vital role by offering enjoyable fishing experiences.

The responsible staff who work here are good, without any doubt. This site offers full-season memberships and runs from June 16th to May 31st.

It also gives half-season memberships. It runs from June 16th to December 31st or from November 1st to May 31st.

Night fishing members can bring up to 2 fishing guests with them. Anglers must book all-night fishing in advance.

The authority also provides day tickets on a pre-booking basis only. This fishery remains open seven days a week.

There is no doubt that it is an ideal place for angling. It becomes a perfect place as it offers all the necessary elements for becoming a good fishing site.

Lakes of This Fishery

Three lakes are available to catch fish in these fishing spots in the United Kingdom. There are many information to know about these lakes.

Holyfield Bottom Lake

It is a specimen carp lake with Carp fish ranging from around 8lb to 36lb. There are fish like tench up to 8lb, bream up to 14lb, and ghost carp up to 19lb.

The lake is under four acres of area with a clay/silty bottom. It has very well stocked with average-sized Carp at around 23lb.

Approximately 200 carp fish are available in this lake. The authority allows surface fishing here between May to September.

Holyfield Top Lake

Carps range from 1 lb up to 32 lb an average size of 14 lb, with well over 200 Carp in the lake. There is also Tench up to 4lb, Bream up to 7lb & Ghost carp up to 8lb.

Holyfield Fishery
This fish species is available in the fishing spot of Holyfield. Peter van der SluijsCC BY-SA 3.0, via Wikimedia Commons

It is approximately 3 to 5ft deep with a clay/silt bottom with some weed & Lilly pads. It also features two islands with mature trees surrounding it.

Holyfield Match Lake

The authority of this property opened it in 2003 and around one acre in size. This fishing spot consists of 12 swims.

It has a good stock with a range of fish, including Roach, Rudd, Bream, Perch, Carp, and Tench. It is open to beginners or experienced fishermen.

Children are welcome but must visit with an adult. People can also book this water reservoir for arranging private matches.

Some Rules of This Fishery

The authority of this spot sets some rules to maintain a beautiful environment. If any angler fails to follow these rules, the management team may take action.

  • They allow barbless hooks only in this place.
  • They do not allow any fires or barbecues here.
  • They suggest guardians to keep children under strict control.
  • They do not allow anyone to play any games here.
  • Any infringement of the rules of this property will result in an instant ban.
  • Anglers should not visit this area with dogs.
  • The management of this site reserves the right to refuse admission to anybody.
  • An adult must visit with the Children under 12.


These are the valuable facts about Holyfield Fishery to know. This information will help the anglers to prepare themselves well before visiting here.

If you live near this site, do not hesitate to visit, as it has many things to explore. You will enjoy some great moments with your family and friends here.

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