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Joydevpur is the location of Bhawal National Park, which is 40 kilometers from Dhaka. It is also three kilometers from Gazipur.

Covered with greenery, every place in this garden is eye-catching. There is a walking path between rows of trees. If walking makes you tired, you can find benches or canopies for resting.

Bhawal National Park
Anup SadiCC BY-SA 4.0, via Wikimedia Commons

Paddy fields can be visible somewhere in the middle of the forest. Somewhere there is a pond or a small lake. Sal is the main plant of Bhawal National Park.

Bhawal Park averages one of the largest natural forest areas in the country. Bhawal is a unique place in tradition and beauty.

More Information About Bhawal Park

There are about 220 species of plants on this site in Gazipur. Among them are 43 tree, 19 shrub species, and three palm species.

Also, there are 27 grass, 24 vine species, and 104 medicinal plant species. There is no lack of biodiversity in this forest. This forest has about 13 mammal species.

It also has nine reptile species. Besides, it has five bird species and five amphibian species. Apart from this, there are picnic spots inside the Bhawal Park.

Their names are also quite interesting. These names are Anand, Kanchan, Sonalu, Akasha, and many other names of banquet centers.

The names of the cottages are also named interesting. These names are Bakul, Malanch, Madhavi, Chameli, Beli, Jasmine, etc.

Bhawal National Park
Md.nurnnabi sarkerCC BY-SA 4.0, via Wikimedia Commons

Like the name, their atmosphere is also different. If you want to use this spot, you must book in advance. You have to do it from the forest department’s Mohakhali office.

The entry fee for Bhawal is six taka per person. Entry by private car or microbus will cost taka 30, and the entry fee for a minibus is Tk 50.

Any bus from Dhaka to Mymensingh can get off at the Bhawal National Park gate. Apart from this, several buses ply from Dhaka’s Gulistan on this route.

Prabhati Banshri Paribahan is one of them. If you go by your vehicle, walk towards Mymensingh beyond the Jaydevpur intersection.

You will find its main entrance on the right-hand side. Being so close to Dhaka, you can return day after day, so you don’t have to worry too much about accommodation.

Even then, one can spend the night in any residential hotel in the Gazipur district. Bhawal is one of the most beautiful places for family group travel.

This park is famous for its green and noise-free banani environment. Many water bodies flow through this national park. Tourists can also travel by boat in these reservoirs.

Besides, the best attraction for picnics is the National Park of Bhawal. If you want to use the picnic spot, you must book from the Mohakhali office of the forest department.


It is good not to go too deep into the forest of this site. Do not go alone, as you can fall into the hands of robbers. You must wear comfortable clothes and shoes while trekking in the forest.

You can take binoculars to see distant birds. It is better not to go alone in the forest. Do not make sounds and noises that disturb the animals.

Bhawal National Park: A Beautiful Place in Gazipur
শাহাদাত সায়েমCC BY-SA 4.0, via Wikimedia Commons

Also, don’t pollute the forest by throwing polythene, cans, and plastic bottles. Bhawal Udyan does not have protection for some parts. So, if you do not take precautions, it is dangerous.


This beautiful place in the Gazipur district has everything to satisfy visitors. You can easily spend memorable time with family and friends on this site.

The smooth touch of nature can mesmerize any person visiting this beautiful area. There are many things to explore in this beautiful area, without any doubt.

Arranging a group to explore this place is a good idea. Going inside the deep forest alone is not ideal, as any bad thing can happen.

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