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Satchari National Park is on Raghunandan Hill in Chunarughat Upazila of Habiganj District. It is a natural park in Bangladesh. The time of establishment of Satchari Park was in 2005.

Satchari National Park: A Beautiful Place in Habiganj
NahalAhmedCC BY-SA 4.0, via Wikimedia Commons

It covers 243 hectares. The Wildlife Conservation/Rehabilitation Act of 1974 regulates it. There are seven hills in this park, so its name is Satchari.

More Information About Satchari

The earlier name of this site was Raghunandan Hill Reserve Forest. There are a few tea estates, villages, towns, and cultivated lands near this site.

This beautiful park has nine tea gardens located near it. Satchari tea garden is on the western side of the garden. Chaklapunji Tea Garden is on the eastern side.

The park contains a village called Tiprapara. 24 tribal families live there. The people of the surrounding fourteen villages rely on this site.

Workers of the tea garden and forest dwellers also depend on this site. Satchari Park has 145 plant species. It has 197 animal species.

Out of these, there are 149 bird species. There are 24 mammal species, 18 reptile species, and six amphibian species. The owls of Satchari National Park jump from one tree to another.

The strange chirping of insects brings great joy to the tourists. This forest has 24 mammal species. Notable ones include owls, tigers, pigs, and snakes.

There are also Hanuman, spectacled Hanuman, shy monkeys, and more. Among the 149 bird species, Dhanesh and red-headed trogon are notable.

Vishalta, Pitraj, Kanaidinga, and Agar are notable among the rare plants. Twenty species of wildlife are on the verge of extinction.

The almost extinct species are the Cheetah, Lajjabati monkey, and Maya deer. Owls, myna birds, doves, tia birds, eagles, and other notable wildlife are disappearing.

How to Go

The easiest way to go from Dhaka is to take any Sylhet-bound bus. Get down at Madhavpur Muktijoddha Chatwar. Then take a bus or maxi to Satchari.

Besides, you can go to Habiganj by train and road from Dhaka. And from there you can go to Satchari. Apart from this, Agradoot and Bishmillah Paribahan go to Habiganj from Syedabad.

If you want to go to Habiganj by train, you must stop at Sayestaganj station. The total distance from this place to the city is about 14 km.

The intercity train, Parabat Express, departs from Kamalapur every day except Tuesday. Jayantika Express departs daily at two PM.

Anwarul85CC BY-SA 4.0, via Wikimedia Commons

Upaban Express departs every day of the week at ten pm except Wednesday. Paharika Express departs from Chittagong at 8:15 am every day except Monday.

Udayan Express departs at 9 pm every day except Saturday. Those who want to go from Habiganj Sadar can take a bus to Madhavpur via Chunarughat.

They can also reserve a CNG or microbus. Get a guide from the Satchari Udyan information center. Guide fees are 200-500 taka in this site of Habiganj.

Even though the office premises provide maps, you should take a guide. There are instructions about the trail at the beginning.

However, there is no instruction about this anywhere in the forest. As a result, there is a possibility of a mistake in the path in the forest.

Where Will You Stay

There is no accommodation or food in Satchari National Park. If you want, you can camp overnight in groups. But, you must obtain prior permission from the forest department office.

Before coming, you can contact the ranger of this place. Apart from this, you can stay at Hill Cottage by Nisarg, if you want. This cottage sleeps eight people in three rooms.

The main entrance is next to the Rema-Kalenga Wildlife Sanctuary. The rent of the two big rooms is 1000 taka, and the rent of the small one is 700 taka.

Satchari National Park
Md shahanshah bappyCC BY-SA 4.0, via Wikimedia Commons

The cost of food per day is two hundred rupees per person. And breakfast is 60 taka. You can stay at Hotel Sonartari, without any doubt.

You can also stay at Hotel Jamil and Hotel Amad in Habiganj city. There is a 5-star Resort Palace in Bahubal Upazila to stay at night.

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