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Shimul Bagan is on the bank of the Jadukata River in Tahirpur, Sunamganj. It covers an area of over 100 bighas, without any doubt.

In the spring afternoon, the pink shimul flowers brighten the mind and warm the heart when you wake up. It is like a wild wilderness decorated in the colors of fantasy.

The mountains, river, and garden come together to create natural poetry. Zainal Abedin was a businessman in Tahirpur Upazila of Sunamganj District.

He built this beautiful garden on 2,400 square meters of land. When two thousand shimul trees bloom in spring, it is hard not to attract tourists.

More Information About Shimul Bagan

This tourist spot is fantastic, without any doubt. There are lovely rivers and mountains nearby. It makes it even more attractive.

During different seasons, visitors can enjoy two different views of the garden. Shimul flowers bloom in red from January to April.

The landscape turns lush green during the monsoons. Many people come here all year round to enjoy its beauty. Tourists can also go horseback riding in the garden.

In winter, the deep crimson color of the Shimul flowers adds to the park’s charm. The big trees become full-grown in the spring. As soon as spring comes, flowers start to bloom on the trees.

One can see a red sheet spread on the ground from above. People come from all over the country to see the large Shimul garden with its beautiful red flowers.

The entire area shows magnificent red Shimul flowers from the first week of February. During this time, Tourists also breathe a sigh of relief in this open great garden.

Tourists started coming from the country and abroad as soon as Falgun came. There is also a lemon garden next to Shimul’s garden.

When will you go to Shimul Garden?

If you want to see the red flower, you must go in February. Beautiful flowers remain on the tree for only 15-20 days.

So if you go between February 10-25, you can enjoy the majestic beauty there. And if you go in the rainy season, you will find a thick green flower garden.

But you will not see flowers. Then, the Tanguar Haor is full of water. Thus, if you go to this garden, you can visit nearby Haor by boat.

How to go?

Take any bus from Dhaka to reach Sunamganj first. The fare will be Tk 500-550. It will take at least 6 hours to go. Motorcycles, CNG, and Laguna are available at Abdur Jahur Bridge.

If you go by motorcycle, you will rent 200 takas to the other side of Barek Tila River. It is possible to go to 150 taka by haggling! Three people, including the driver, can carry one book.

The magician will drop it in front of the river. There are twelve hills if you go across the boat with 5 takas. A few tea shops can be visible coming down from Barek Tila.

Shimul Bagan: A Beautiful Place for Nature Lovers
Sumon65CC BY-SA 4.0, via Wikimedia Commons

They will show you the way to Shimul Bagan if you ask them. After spending time in the garden till afternoon, cross the magical rive to reach Barek Tila.

From there, you have to return to Sunamganj by CNG or motorbike. If you want to visit other spots, visit the garden in the morning and the afternoon.

Then, on the way back, you can also visit Takerghat, Niladri Lake, and Tanguar Haor. But if you have two days, you can see almost all the spots.

Where to stay and eat?

There is no accommodation around Shimul Bagan. There are a few guest houses in Barachara Bazar and two hotels in Tahirpur Bazar.

But it is better to stay in Sunamganj city. You will find a hotel of your choice between Tk 200-1000. You will find food stalls in Barek Tila.

You will find food hotels in the Takerghat, Barachra, and Tahirpur markets. But if you want to eat in a good restaurant, you must visit Sunamganj.


Many people in Bangladesh desire to experience the pure beauty of nature. This garden can undoubtedly provide that experience.

Visiting this place during vacation or holiday with family is great. However, it is perfect to know the best time to visit.

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