Alders Farm Fishery: A Perfect Site for Fishing Enthusiasts


Alders Farm Fishery is an ideal place in the UK where people enjoy fishing and good times. This site is a place that brings joy to everyone when they go fishing.

This site has many lakes that fulfill the desires of fish lovers in the area. You can have a notable fishing time in a peaceful and beautiful natural setting.

Ash Lake

Ash Lake has 30 pegs where you can fish many different ways and catch carp all year. The authority partially drained it in January 2015. And it now has new owners.

They removed the smaller carp and relocated them. And they also removed old snags that the fish are familiar with.

The management replaced all the pegs with new, sturdier, safer ones that will stand the test of time. It ensures that Ash Lake remains one of the finest match lakes in the UK.

Ash Lake is well-liked for club and open matches. During the summer, people can catch fish that weigh up to 300 pounds.

Even in winter, they can still catch fish weighing over 100 pounds. Call the authority fastly to reserve your spot at Alders Farm.

Pines Lake

Pines Lake is a peaceful and beautiful water reservoir. It has 25 fishing spots at the top of the fishery. Hidden among the trees, it makes you feel far from the busy city life!

It has different depths and has two islands, Reed beds, and underwater features. At Pines, anglers can catch carp up to 10lb, bream up to 7lb, perch up to 4lb, and tench up to 8lb.

It also has plenty of smaller silverfish. That is why many people choose to fish here. Pines Lake is a popular spot for both Club matches and Open matches.

It’s silverfish and natural shelter from the elements are well-known. The site management planned winter works around the pines for 2021.

These works will continue into 2022. They have made notable changes, like improving drainage and adding to the stock.

Oak Lake

It is 3.5 acres and has reeds along its edges. It has many underwater features where large fish can hide. These notable features are islands, bars, and traps.

It also has silt and a sunken island. There are lots of things to discover in this pond. The authority will add more big fish, just like in 2021/22.

The Carp fish will come from VS Fisheries and our other supplier. With these fish, you’ll have lots of fish to catch, and Oak Lakes will continue to thrive.

Alders Farm Fishery
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The notable fish angler caught this season is Shoulders, weighing 45lb. No one has caught the big fish for many seasons, and it could be as big as Shoulders. It has plenty of fish to support it.

This year, the Match Guys and fishery team are removing smaller carp and Bream. They will continue doing this every year to reduce the smaller fish population.

Mylo’s Pond

This small pond has six pegs. It’s ideal for beginners. There are lots of 3-8lb Carp to keep you busy all day. It’s also perfect for a small club match in winter.

In the summer of 2015, the Alders Junior Academy will start. The kids will practice at a small pool before joining the league. They want to impress experienced anglers.

People use this water reservoir as an overflow for the main match lake in winter. It warms quicker and has challenging weights. Don’t let its size fool you!

Wood Lake

The wood lake is a shallow pond. It has seen recent improvements in stock and water quality. It resembles a canal but is slightly wider at 20m in parts.

To catch fish, you need different methods. Those who fish with finesse get rewarded. This place is well stocked with 3-8lb Carp, so match anglers like it.

The Pump

This lake is close to the Pumphouse Cafe and is smaller than the others. It’s like a canal and 14m wide. Anglers love to fish here for Carp and Rudd. If you remember the old Canal, you will love this lake.

GENERAL Alders Farm Fishery RULES

You are responsible for your fishing gear, vehicles, and belongings. Park your car in the designated area and ask for help if needed.

Members who have booked in advance can night fish on Oak Lake. Children are welcome but need adult supervision. To go fishing, you need a current EA Rod Licence.

Before fishing, bring dip nets and unhooking mats. Please refrain from starting fires or using BBQs. You can use stoves but do so at your own risk.

Please do not enter the water for any reason. If you need assistance, please ask. Also, be mindful of other anglers and your surroundings.

Please do not litter. Take all of your garbage with you. Do not remove any fish. Please do not walk along the bank during matches.

All individuals, except for Oak Lake, must use only 1 rod at any given time on all lakes. However, anglers on Oak Lake can use a maximum of 2 rods.


The Alders Farm fishing site is a site for peaceful and relaxing fishing. The people taking care of this ideal property are helpful to all anglers.

The water reservoirs in this area are lovely and bring anglers from all over the UK. A fantastic experience is waiting for all anglers at Alders Farm.

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