Fishers Pond Fishery: A Great Haven for Nature Lovers


Fishers Pond Fishery’s main farm is a large fishing complex near Winchester. The Itchen catchment contains the land, which covers 60 acres.

People have been farming here for over 900 years. The same family has owned Fishers Pond since 1934. John Paton took ownership during the drought in 1976.

Fishers pond fishery
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He began creating the farm as it is today. In the 1980s, this site produced many fishes. It had ornamental many fishes for pets and also hatched salmon eggs.

These eggs became smolts for the salmon farming industry in Scotland. The site was perfect for carpet production. The farm focused on Carp and course fishing.

Heritage of the Fishers Pond Fishery

Fishers Pond supplies some of the notable fishes in the country. The business has ponds of various sizes, ranging from 10 acres to 300m, across four sites.

Fisher’s Pond Carp quickly grew from the beginning. John wanted to improve the strain. He spent over 40 years carefully selecting brood stock.

Now, people sell hundreds of 20-30lb fish each year. The fishes of this pond dominate the UK fisheries. The same family has owned this site since 1934.

John Paton took ownership in 1976. He started creating the farm as it is today. In the 1980s, this pond produced different types of fish.

In Scotland, this venue had a pet fishing facility and raised salmon eggs to make smolts for farming. The location was perfect for carpet production.

The farm focused on Carp and course fishing at the end. The business has ponds ranging from 10 acres to 300m across four sites.


John’s love for fishery and fishing did not help him start his farming business. However, his energy, knowledge, and fortunate timing did.

The business started in 1976. It is the oldest business in the country. This site still produces and sells its own famous carp and course fish.

Fishers Pond and other bodies of water helped establish Match Fisheries. Nowadays, the fishing hatchery of this site stocks many big Fishes.

Rob Baker joined the firm in 2010. He had a First-Class Honors degree from Sparsholt. Now, Rob is in charge of post-hatchery husbandry at Fisher Pond.

It is crucial to offer good quality and fair prices for all business items. It means you can trust the service and quality you will receive from this venue.


Checking the net often in the growing season helps find fish problems. At the end of each growing season, this venue grades all the fish to select the best ones for the year.

Rob, John, and the team will have inspected the fish at least five times by its fourth year. Ponds that are appropriate for their age and species raise them.

The area around the ponds is grasslands with woods full of animals. There is plenty of natural food for them, and they also receive regulated feeding.

Fishers Pond Fishery
It is the large pond of this Fishery, which supplies coarse fish to angling clubs. © Copyright Peter Facey and licensed for reuse under this Creative Commons Licence.

It sells only fish that they have raised in their hatchery. They keep their broodstock in unique ponds. This venue solely manages this brood stock for egg and milk production.

It takes the adult fish in spring. They put the eggs into unique jars to hatch. The baby fish stay until they can eat.

They then move the newborns to the nursery shed and feed them for ten days. After that, the workers place them into the nursing ponds, and they grow during the summer.


All sites take it very seriously. They monitor each pond daily and check the water quality frequently. It is notable to identify any stressors early to keep our fish healthy.

After every harvest, the authority empties and adds lime to all ponds. It helps the new growing period begin well, without any doubt.

Fish farms separate fish by age and provide good food and water to help them thrive. Parasites and bacteria are in all healthy open water systems, like fish farm ponds.

Fish thrive unless stressed, without any doubt. If fish become weak in a farm or pond, they can not fight off diseases and may die.

The authority regularly checks the health, condition, and growth. CEFAS regularly checks this site and follows an approved Biosecurity Measures Plan.


It is the information about this fantastic fishing site that many people visit. Many people living in the area named Winchester enjoy quality time here.

The people working in this venue are experts in fishing and always remain ready to help the anglers. A peaceful fishing experience is possible at this site.

The venue’s authority cares for the surrounding areas of this fishing spot very well. This care established it as a great fishing venue.

If you live near this venue of angling, you can take a chance to explore it. It is not going to frustrate you in any way.

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