Tricklebrook Fishery: An Amazing Place


Tricklebrook Fishery is a famous fishing spot in the Five Oak Green Village of the United Kingdom. There is no doubt that it is an ideal place for fishing.

It is not only ideal for fishing but also ideal for enjoying time with family and friends. It has elements that can help anyone to remove daily life stress.

Many people of Kent County visit this fishery to get a great experience of fishing in this place. The village Five Oak Green is also a beautiful place.

It is a village near Tonbridge under Kent County in the Civil Parish of Capel. This village was a valuable center for hop growing, without any doubt.

More Information About Tricklebrook Fishery

It is a famous carp fishing fishery in a village in Kent County in England. There is no doubt that this village is beautiful. Its name is Five Oak Green.

People who live in this area of Kent love fishing, and many fisheries are available here. The authority of Tricklebrook Fishery welcomes all types of anglers here.

There are many benefits of catching fish. People know about the benefits. They take the chance of catching fish for these benefits.

One of the benefits of fishing is it helps to increase the concentration of the mind. It is also a type of famous sport in the United Kingdom.

Tricklebrook Fishery is a fantastic spot for coarse fishing in Kent. It consists of three very well-stocked coarse fishing lakes.

There is a new 4-acre specimen carp lake and a long-established 4-acre specimen lake stocked with some big fish. There is also a 1-acre match fishing lake in this area.

Tricklebrook Fishery
Carp fish is available in Tricklebrook. DezidorCC BY-SA 3.0, via Wikimedia Commons

The time of the establishment of this fishery is the year 1996. The authority continued to grow it, and fishing magazines featured it regularly

People visit this place for fishing as the lakes are full of fish. Many big Carp, big perch, and catfish are available in these lakes.

The new specimen carp lake has a stock of various fighting-fit carp. The average size of this carp is 30 lbs. These carp fish makes it a well fishing spot.

Anglers can catch various carp in the 20lbs plus range in the specimen lake. Thirty lbs plus fish are available, including a couple of carp weighing up to 40 lbs.

Also, there are 30 lbs plus catfish and perch weighing up to 6 LBS. The match lake of this place is available for float fishermen.

The authority feels pride in its ability to accommodate the needs of the fishermen. There are many facilities, including easy access to the lakes, bait, and refreshments.

It also offers breakfast on request and good toilet facilities. These facilities make it an ideal venue for a spot of relaxation and some serious fishing fun.

Some Rules of This Fishery

There are several rules that all anglers must follow during the time of catching fish. Authority may not allow to catch fish here if anyone fails to follow these rules.

  • Anglers must buy the ticket before fishing here.
  • Anglers must keep all fishing elements dy before visiting here.
  • They should return all the fish in the lakes after catching them.
  • They must use barbless hooks only.
  • They must keep themselves aloof from any recreational drugs.
  • Anglers should not come into this fishery with any dogs. Authority does not allow it.
  • It is now operating a zero-tolerance policy to any acts of aggression towards its Baliff and staff. 


This spot for angling remains open all year round, without any doubt. Spring and summer are the best time to enjoy angling here.

It has many things to offer as it is in a beautiful location besides catching fish. The unique facilities of this place attract visitors from several areas.

The authority of this property sets up many rules to maintain it in a good way. Every angler must try to follow these rules to avoid a ban by the authority.

This spot for catching fish is the place to enjoy some good times. There are many things to explore here in Kent County of England.

If you live near this area and know about the benefits of angling, visit this place. It is not going to frustrate you, without any doubt.

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