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Gabriels Fishery is one of the mentionable fishing sites in the European Country of the UK. The surrounding area of this fishing spot is beautiful, without any doubt.

Many people know this fishing spot as the Edenbridge Fishery. Edenbridge is a famous town and civil parish. It is under the Sevenoaks district of Kent in the United Kingdom.

The location of this town is the border between Kent and Surrey. It is on the upper floodplain of the river River Medway and takes its name from that river’s tributary.

This town has a large population, and many of them know about this spot for fishing. They visit this place to catch fish and enjoy good times with family and friends.

More Information About Gabriels Fishery

There are five lakes available in this fishery of the Edenbridge area. These lakes are ideal for different coarse fishing.

It is a fishing spot for beginner anglers, without any doubt. There is a well-stocked bait and tackle shop. The location of this shop is at the complex entrance.

It sells fishing tickets, tackles, and various types of fishing bait. It also sells fishing and camping equipment and accessories.

Various types of hot and cold drinks, ice creams, crisps, and sweet snacks are available in this shop. There is a vending machine in this place.

This machine is accessible 24 hours a day – 7 days a week. It sells worms and a selection of other bait. The location of it is on the right-hand side before arriving at the bait and tackle shop.

Good camping and caravan facilities are available in this fishing spot. This place is an ideal location for exploring the local attractions.

There are many attractive places available in this area of Edenbridge. These attractive places are Penshurst Place, Chartwell, and Hever Castle.

There are four areas available for Camping and Caravanning Certificated Sites. It has a hot shower, toilet block, wildwood camping, and a private field.

It also has a large Bridge End field located next to this fishery. Visitors can set up a family camping base in Bridge End field near the fishery complex.

It is a place for giving a partner some chill time and relaxing moments in the sunshine. It is also a place for allowing the children time to play in the open space.

River Eden

It starts next to the car park and meanders past the fishery for 3/4 of a mile. The most common species caught in this stretch of river include Chub, Perch, Pike, and Gudgeon.

Gabriels Fishery: Interesting Information to Know
This fish species is available in Gabriels Fishery. Karelj, Public domain, via Wikimedia Commons

It also includes Carp, Roach, Rudd, and common Bream. It is one of the major fishing spots, without any doubt.

Information About The Lakes of This Place

There are five large lakes in this fishery of Kent. The natural beauty of the surrounding areas of these lakes can amaze anyone.

These magnificent lakes are in partial woodland. It gives contrast to light and shade over the water. Many waterlilies amaze both anglers and help the fish to flourish.

Admiral Lake

The Carp can weigh 40 lbs plus in Admiral Lake of this fishery. The authority extended this lake in 2019. They did it to enhance the fishing experience of the people.

Hare Lake

Hare Lake is a picturesque water source with various colorful water lilies. This fishing spot has a large stock of a variety of course fish.

More visible of these fishes are Roach, Rudd, and Chubb. Common Bream, Dace, Ruffe, Gudgeon, and Carp are available here.

Oak Lake

Oak Lake is a place for those anglers that want more of a challenge and to catch Carp fish. Many islands dominated these fishing lakes.

It provides different swims and features from many directions. The bottom in some areas is of shingle, others of blue clay, and some parts are yellow clay with shale.

Silver Lake

Authority uses Silver Lake as their match water. It has more than 30 pegs available for club bookings or private hire. Many fish species are available in its water.

Swallow Lake

It is on a slight rise in the open so that there is a view across to Admiral Lake. To the north, a group of trees shelters a deep pool with a water Lilly in the center.

Common and mirror carp to 10 lbs dominate the water of this fishing spot. These fishes make it an ideal place for those who enjoy landing lots of fish.


Gabriels Fishery is a place that offers memorable times to those who visit to catch fish. It is a mentionable place in the Edenbridge area, without any doubt.

The presence of natural beauty in this fishing area increased its attraction. Many people from different corners of the UK visit this place from this attraction.

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