Taltali Upazila: 5 Interesting Places To Visit in This Area


Taltali Upazila is an administrative area of ​​the Barguna district of Bangladesh. It has an area of ​​333.83 square kilometers. The Burishwar river and Barguna Sadar Upazila are on the west of it.

Andharmanik river and Kalapara Upazila of Patuakhali are in the east. The Tengragiri forest and the Bay of Bengal are in the south.

Kachupatra and Pachakoralia rivers and Amtali Upazila are in the north. The population in this southern area is 88,004, according to the census.

Sokhina Khal, Taltali upazial
SurjakpaulCC BY-SA 4.0, via Wikimedia Commons

The total male population is about 43,707, and 44,297 are female. The population density of this administrative area is 541 people per square kilometer.

The total number of voters here is 57,782. The male voters are 28,538, and 29,244 female voters. This administrative area is rich in diversity.

It has beaches, eco-parks, forests, and tribal habitations. It also has many fishing villages. There are several tourist spots in this administrative area under the Barguna district.

Interesting Places of Taltali Upazila

Taltali upazila of Barguna district is close to nature. You will find the unique beauty of nature in this region. This administrative area is a meeting place of sea and forest.

1. Shuvo Sondha Beach

The Shuvo Sondha beach is in the Nal Bunia char of Nishan-Baria Union. This beach stands at the confluence of the three main rivers of Barguna.

Forest in taltali with beach
Rasal LiaCC BY-SA 4.0, via Wikimedia Commons

These rivers are Payra, Bishkhali, and Baleshwar. This magnificent beach covers an area of ​​about four kilometers long.

The char of Nalbunia is next to Sonakata Eco Park. This eco-park is 15 km southwest of Taltali Upazila Sadar and is now a potential tourist area.

2. Rakhine Village

This region has a total of 13 villages in the Rakhine community. These villages include Kabiraj Para, Taltalipara, Agathakurpara, and Tantipara.

It also include Manukhapara, Momeshepara, Thangpara, Laupara, and Chatanpara. There are also Talukdarpara, Bara Ankupara, and Saudagar Para.

More than 2 thousand Rakhine are living in these villages. The people of the Rakhine community in southern Bangladesh have a unique culture.

Rakhine is the name of an ethnic group in Bangladesh and Myanmar. They are also known as the people of Arakan and Mog.

They came to Bangladesh from the Arakan and Rakhine states of Burma at the end of the 18th century.

They settled in the coastal districts of Cox’s Bazar and Patuakhali. Rakhines are of Mongolian origin. They have a very unique and glorious culture.

They are the majority population in the Rakhine State of Myanmar. This community lives in Cox’s Bazar, Patuakhali, and Barguna districts of Bangladesh.

3. Tengragiri Wildlife Sanctuary

Tengragiri is a tourist spot developed near nature in southern coastal Bangladesh. It is a forest of mangrove trees and is a good tourist spot in the list of the tourist community of Bangladesh.

The beautiful view of sunset on the horizon in the late afternoon is the biggest attraction of it. Many travelers come here from far to avoid the mechanical noise of the city.

Tengragiri Forest
Rasal LiaCC BY-SA 4.0, via Wikimedia Commons

They get lost in the natural beauty and vastness of the sea. In this forest, you will find various breathtaking plants. These plants include Keora, Garan, Singra, Hetal, Gani, Gewa, and Ora.

4. Asharchar Shutki Palli

The Bay of Bengal and the endless fish have led to the development of a village in Taltali. The shutki business has become the profession of many local people of this village.

The shutki workers here collect fish and sell it to the shutki market. The life of the people of Shuntki-Palli depends on the work of shutki preparation.

Hundreds of workers and their families come to Asharchar during the shutki season. They come here to witness such activities of shutki production. I have visited this place many times.

Many people I know here are professional fishermen and do the fish business. Many of them have their boat. In particular, they make Shutki and sell them at wholesale prices.

Whenever we visit this place, they give us lots of dried fish. Shutki goes to different parts of Bangladesh from this place of coastal Upazila. This place has many things to astonish you.

5. Payra River

During the tour in this region, you will see the majestic Pyara River. Another name for this river is the Burishwar river.

The river has a length of 90 kilometers with an average width of 1200 meters. It originates from the Pandava river in the Kalaskathi union.

It is an area of ​​Bakerganj region under the Barisal district. The river then passes through Lebukhali, Pangasia, Itbaria, Ayala, Patkata, and Amtali.

It also passes through Burirchar, Arpangasia, and Pachakoralia Unions. It flows up to Bara Baghi Union to join the Bay of Bengal. The river Pyara is beautiful as its name.

If you stay some time in the bank of it, you will realize it. This magical river is the witness of childhood, adolescence, and youth of many.

It is also the shelter for the pain of many people. It may be the heavy fog of winter and torrential rains of the monsoon, but local people never turned away from it.

It also may be the fire of summer or the softness of autumn people here have never turned away from the river Payra. Payra river is also enthralling people’s minds day by day.

So if you stay away from him for a few days, many people’s hearts cry. Many a heart longs to return to him like a beloved.

Many wish to live forever on the bank of the Payra river. Payra river is playing around with the beauty of nature. It plays along with big water bodies in the lap of this Upazila.

Payra River
Tarun015, CC BY-SA 4.0, via Wikimedia Commons

Along with the beauty of the name Payra, it has become a symbol of natural beauty. Many people come and arrange a picnic on the bank of this beautiful river.

Not only on festival days but also the area remain crowded with people throughout the year. Especially in the fall afternoon, the riverside area becomes crowded.

Nature lovers flock to enjoy the beauty of this river. Some come with loved ones, and others come to enjoy the beauty.

All in all, the place is bustling. Nature-loving people become overwhelmed to see the beauty of the river. They rush here again and again.

This river satisfies the eyes of many people with its beauty. The livelihood of many people also depends on this river.

Payra river satisfies their stomach hunger. Every year fishermen catch a large amount of Hilsa fish in this river. Apart from fish, Elisha also earns its living by catching other fishes.

I spent a mentionable time by this river, especially in the afternoon. I used to go and sit on the bank of the river an hour before dusk.

My main aim was to observe the magical beauty of the sunset. Payra river has waves throughout the year. This river affects by the effect of tides.

As a result, it is a second-class inland waterway in Bangladesh. This administrative area is on the shores of the Bay of Bengal. As a result, it is a good area because of its nature.

This area of southern Bangladesh has a good connection between the road and the river. There are several buses to Taltali from Dhaka’s Gabtali and Syedabad.

Also, the launch leaves daily from Dhaka Sadarghat for Amtali. After reaching Amtali in those launches, you can go to Taltali by local vehicle.

Unions of Taltali Upazila

There are currently seven unions in this magnificent region of southern Bangladesh. Information about these unions of Taltali is below.

Pacha KoraliaThe area of ​​Pacha Koralia Union is 10,621 acres. According to the 2011 census, the total population of the Pacha Koralia Union is 11490.
Choto BagiChoto Bagi Union has an area of ​​9,745 acres. According to the 2011 census, the total population of the Choto Bagi Union is 13197.
KaraibariaThe area of ​​Karaibaria Union is 10863 acres. The total population of the Karaibaria Union is 12920 people.
​​Bara BagiThe area of ​​Bara Bagi Union is 13242 acres. The total population of the Bara Bagi Union is 18399.
NishanbariaThe area of ​​Nishanbaria Union is 11597 acres. The total population of the Nishanbaria Union is 12928 people.
SonakataThe area of ​​the Sonakata union is 18864 acres. The total population of the Sonakata union is 11266 people.
SharikkhaliThe area of ​​Sharikkhali Union is 8560 acres. The total population of the Sharikkhali Union is 7804 people.


There is no doubt that Taltali is a beautiful region. The beautiful bond of the sea and mangrove forests are rare in Bangladesh.

You have to come to this region to see this rare beauty. Not only is the mangrove forest here, but you will also be mesmerized by the beauty of the Payra River.

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