Sunamganj Tanguar Haor: A Beautiful Paradise


Sunamganj Tanguar Haor is one of the largest groups of water mahals in Bangladesh. It is a biodiverse water in the Sunamganj district of Bangladesh.

Sunamganj Tanguar Haor
Priom PritomCC BY-SA 4.0, via Wikimedia Commons

Tanguar Haor is a large sanctuary for fish, birds, and other aquatic life. It is very near to the Meghalaya state of India. It is at the foothills of the Jainta Hills.

More Information About Sunamganj Tanguar Haor

The total number of reservoirs is 51, and the area is 6,912.20 acres. During the monsoon season, the entire wetland ecosystem takes an area of around 20,000 acres.

This area includes Nal Khagra, Hijal, and Karanch forest. During the monsoons, it remains fully underwater. In winter, the water level goes down. A large part of it then dries up.

This place has the blessing of the bountiful bounty of nature. It is a water house or a place for fish rearing, conservation, and extraction.

A line of various trees has made this wetland charming. There are over 200 plant species like Nal Khagra, Dudhilata, Neel Shapla, and more.

Right now, there are 208 types of birds. There is one type of amphibians, 34 types of reptiles, six types of turtles, seven types of chameleons, and 21 types of snakes.

The reed forest has increased several times. In winter, it becomes vibrant with many birds, breaking previous records.

The rare eagle, giant grey-king stork, vulture, and many guest birds are amazing here. The local bird collection is also fantastic.

It includes Pankouri, Kalim, Badri, Dahuk, Sand Ducks, Gangchil, Bucks, Cranes, and more. In general, 20/25 lakh birds visit this place each past winter season.

In some places, only birds can be visible floating over an area of more than a kilometer. It is a unique ecosystem of interdependent fish, birds, and plants.

It is mentionable as a fish sanctuary. The two bird sanctuaries of it are Leuchchamara and Berberiar Beel. Right in the middle of it is the beautiful Beel Hatirgata.

Most of the area of this beel dries up in winter. English used to ride elephants in the dry fields during winter during British rule.

Way to Reach in This Place

First, you have to go to Sunamganj district town. Sunamganj is reachable by road from Dhaka. Buses from Shyamoli, Hanif Enterprise, Ena, and Mamun go to Sunamganj from Sayedabad.

These buses are not air-conditioned. You can go by rickshaw from Sunamganj bus stand to Sahebbazar Ghat.

During the rainy season, you can go to this place by engine boat or speed boat from Saheb Bari boat ghat of the city. It takes 5 hours by engine boat and 2 hours by speed boat.

If you rent a boat for a stay, make the necessary purchases. In that case, a local trawler or an engine-driven boat will cost around 5000 taka.

Priom PritomCC BY-SA 4.0, via Wikimedia Commons

The modified engine-powered boats will cost around 15-16000 taka in holidays. This boat has facilities, including a bathroom with a high commode and a roof.

On other days, you can get it for Tk 10-12000. If someone wants to go to Sunamganj from Sylhet, he has to take a bus from Kumargao bus stand.

Or you have to go to Shurma Bridge with Laguna or by motorbike to Tahirpur or Solemanpur. It’s best to visit Solemanpur in February because the Boulai River is less navigable then.

Tanguar Haor via Mohanganj in Netrakona

Haor Express train leaves Kamalapur at eleven fifty PM. It reaches Mohanganj at 6:30 in the morning. Have breakfast there and go by bike to Madhyanagar Bazar Launch Ghat.

The fare is 200-220 taka, and two people can go. If you use CNG, the fare is Tk 70 per person. From there, at 8:30 am, the speedboat leaves for Tahirpur every 30 minutes.

You can rent a trawler if you want. You have to reserve trawlers from Akhara Ghat in Madhyanagar Bazar. Board into a trawler by bargaining.

While taking the trawler, ensure the sailor has a cover and lifejacket to pull the stove, dishes, and roof. If not, ask the sailor to bring it. The fare depends on the people.

Generally, the rent is between 1500-3000 rupees. After a trawler journey of approximately 3-3:30 hours, you will reach the watch tower of Tanguar Haor.

Where will you stay?

It does not offer the facility of overnight stays under private management. But, the government-managed mining project rest house is not very far.

It is about 3 km northeast and allows visitors to stay. You must cross Saheb Bari Kheya Ghat to reach Sreepur Bazar in 2 hours by bike.

Tanguar Haor
Asikul Islam HimelCC BY-SA 4.0, via Wikimedia Commons

It will cost 200 Tk. From there, you can visit Tangua by chartered boat. In that case, the cost of rent may be 300-400 taka.


This place is one of the majestic places of the Sylhet division, without any doubt. Thousands of people visit this place of Sunamganj every year to enjoy some good time in nature.

This area has every element to offer a memorable time for the visitor. The beauty of rain changes with the seasons, and the rainy season is the most stunning.

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