10 Interesting Facts About Bali: An Island of Indonesia


The island of Bali, or the Island of God, is one of the majestic islands of Indonesia. People around the world know about this majestic land of Indonesia.

It is the most touristic destination, which some people love to refer to as heaven. You can visit this land to see the heavenly beauty of nature.

Interesting Facts about Bali, the island of God.
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In this article, we want to share some interesting facts about Bali. Every year, thousands of visitors from around the world come to Bali.

There is no doubt that Indonesia is a lovely country in Southeast Asia. The land of Bali is a perfect example of the beauty of this country.

10 Interesting Facts About Bali

This majestic place is a tropical island where you can find active volcanoes. You can also find many beautiful beaches, wild animals, and plants.

You may know that Indonesia is a Muslim-majority country. But a mentionable number of people on the island of Bali are Hindu. Let’s know ten interesting facts about Bali.

1. Visit Bali to See Heavenly Beauty

The Indonesian land of Bali consists of more than 17,000 islands and is gorgeous. This island has already established a stellar reputation as a breathtaking tropical haven.

There are still many unexplored spots to discover in this land of God. But many areas have suffered from excessive commercialization.

Local people love to call Bali the Island of God. Many temples of the Hindu religion are available in every nook and cranny of this land of God.

Hinduism dominates the rich Balinese culture. You will be able to see the domination of Hinduism on the Island of God if you visit Indonesia.

Every traveler can find a sandy paradise in this place of Indonesia. But they can learn more about the distinctive Balinese culture.

They also can go scuba diving on a coral reef, climb an extinct volcano, or laze on a long stretch of beach. If you visit the Island of God, I suggest you visit Ubud, a beautiful place.

Many people consider this place a cultural center. It has the most important museum on the majestic island of Indonesia.

It also has an extensive collection of Balinese paintings, including an art museum. It has long been a valuable place to learn about Balinese culture.

Tourism in this land of God has grown since its appearance in books and movies. Surviving the crowds and commercialization requires a quick walk or bike ride here.

You should see Tanah Lot because it is one of the most famous Hindu temples on the island, and it stands on a huge rock.

Tourist in Bali
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It has been a part of Balini Purana for many centuries. This temple is a sea-based temple that is part of a network along the southwest coast.

There is no doubt that Tanah Lot is one of the most visited locations in Bali. The area remains crowded before midday and before dusk.

A maze of gift stores almost makes you think you are in Bali between the parking lot and the beach next to the temple.

Visitors may struggle to reach the beach through souvenir vendors. But they can see a magnificent temple a few meters away.

Seminyak is a tiny town that is on the southwest coast. People like this place as their beach vacation island, despite being close to Kutar.

It has high-end boutiques, five-star restaurants, and luxury hotels. This majestic city attracts Su-Hill tourists from around the globe.

The surf is treacherous for most swimmers, but it offers a spectacular view of the Indian Ocean. Any professional surfers can come to this area to navigate the huge waves.

The Kayanggan World, located on Onalu on Gunung Agung, is the tallest peak in this land of God. It is the most significant of the nine directional temples.

People constructed these temples to guard the entire island of Besakih. On the Bukit Peninsula at Bali’s southernmost point sits Pura Luhur Uluwatu.

It is one of the nine principal Hindu temples in this land of God. The construction of this magnificent temple was on limestone.

It usually gives a charming view of the sea from eleventh-century architecture. Only Hindu priests can enter the underlying sanctuary according to the rules.

Beautiful Sea Beach
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Visitors can only explore the grounds and take layouts with or without a guide. Ganesha idols remain adorned at the entrance of the temple premises.

Living monkeys pray for healing from the visitors. Every evening at sunset, spectators enjoy dancing. There are five kilometers of black volcanic sand beach in Lovina.

It is a tourist region on the north coast of this Indonesian majestic area. It has several small villages in its surroundings. It is a good place not only for snorkeling but also for scuba diving.

The waters of the north are calmer than those of the south. Local capers always remain ready to take visitors to the best diving areas.

They operate a rig-bound outrigger known as Perahu. So do not hesitate to visit Lovina to see solemn beauty. It is also suitable for calm sea swimming and dolphin watching.

These things make the area an ideal vacation destination for families. Nusa Lembongan is part of Bali Province, a small island on the southeast coast of the mainland.

It is so small that visitors can travel the entire land in three or four hours. It is a popular day-trip destination. The beaches of this land of God attract the majority of visitors.

People named it after a mushroom-shaped coral offshore or beach. This mushroom beach is near the village of Jungutbatu.

tradition of Bali
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It has soft white sand and clear turquoise water. Do not hesitate to visit this place to see its majestic beauty.

Many areas around Nusa Lembongan are also perfect for diving and snorkeling. It is abundant in marine life and healthy corals.

Surfing may get a little crowded, but the waves are perfect. You can visit this land to hear the soothing sound of the Balinese Sea if you want to enjoy a good time.

The heart-soothing sound of the waves is a kind of natural offer for visitors from the Bali Sea. This sound can bring another dimension to anyone visiting this gorgeous land of God.

The sound of the waves on a gorgeous island has the power to relax your mind. Do not hesitate to visit this land of God to see impressive beauty.

The waves of the Balinese Sea arrive, crash, and then recede. It helps the parasympathetic nervous system to become active. It also helps to slow down the brain and to relax.

This gorgeous land of God is a place full of wonder and mystery. Human hands have breeched her depths here.

Do not hesitate to visit this majestic land of the God of Indonesia to see its splendid beauty. It is also a place where you may become completely vulnerable.

The waves of the Bali Sea can sway you towards shore or lash you out with the tide. There is no doubt that nature is the most precious gift to us from almighty God.

The gorgeous island of Bali is one of the main elements of our mother nature. Nature is our mother and remains adorned with elements like the majestic land of God.

2. Capital City of Bali

The lively city of Denpasar, the capital of this land of God, is in the southern part of the island. The population of the capital city of Bali, Denpasar, is about 800,000.

The only airport on the island, Ngurah Rai, is outside of this city. Denpasar serves as the primary entry point and commercial hub to the majestic island of Bali.

There are many notable institutions in the capital city of the island. You will see many luxury houses in this city. Do not hesitate to visit Denpasar to see the traditional lifestyle of the people.

3. Economy of Bali

Around 4 million people are living in Bali. Denpasar, Singaraja, and the town of Ubud are the main cities on the island.

Ubud, Sanur, Kuta, Jimbaran, and Nusa Dua are the primary tourist destinations of the island. The majority of the population of the Island of God devotes their life to agriculture.

They usually produce rice, coffee, fruit, and vegetables. Many Balinese also work in the fishing, farming, or crafting industries.

Foggy Temple
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The primary source of income for the people of Bali is tourism. Many families own and operate hotels, guesthouses, eateries, and travel and tourism businesses.

They also generate a sizable amount of money from handicrafts, painting, and sculpture. This majestic island is home to many artists.

4. Flora and Fauna of Bali

The Island of God has a distinguishable diversity of vegetation. The vegetation gives the island its green color. It is a unique tropical island in Southeast Asia and the world.

There are several animal species, some of which are exclusive to Indonesia. These animals only live there. The banyan tree is available everywhere on this majestic island.

The tamarind plant, which is utilizable to cook, is also available. The fig tree and the palm tree are the most common trees on the island. Among the many goods, Bali exports cocoa and coffee.

Although Bali is home to various tropical fruits, dragon fruit is one of the most well-known. Along with the plants, there are diversity and plenty of flowers.

The majority of the island has a covering in begonias and cordylines. The two most prevalent flowers on this island are jasmine and frangipani (plumeria).

You can see these flowers everywhere, which gives the island its distinctive aroma. Companies use extracts of these flowers to create essential oils and aromatherapy candles.

The national flower of the Island of God is plumeria. People use this flower to adorn temples, offerings, and even hotel rooms. For rituals, Balinese girls also use them as hair ornaments.

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On this beautiful island of Indonesia, you can see many orchids. It is available in parks, outside temple entrances, or even on public streets.

I suggest you visit Bali to see its diverse animals and plants. The fauna on this stunning island of Indonesia is very diverse.

Monkeys are the most well-known mammal here. But they are not the only animals that call the Island of God home.

The animal that assists in the making of the most expensive coffee on earth is the Luwak. It is one of the featured animals of Bali.

This majestic creature resembles a cross between a cat and a ferret. This fuzzy creature consumes coffee beans and digests the fleshy part.

It passes the entire grain after digestion. Luwak is not an available animal everywhere on this majestic island.

But you can find and observe them around coffee plantations. There are also more typical creatures like pigs, cows, ducks, buffalo, and many birds.

There are also lizards everywhere, and you will see that they like to cling to ceilings. Bats are available in caverns and some temples.

Do not worry because they are uncommon in urban areas if you have any fear of bats. Monkeys are also present on the island, as was already reported.

The most frequent macaques are long-tailed ones. You may observe it in the Monkey Forest of Uluwatu, nearby streets, and a few temples.

A wide variety of marine life is available in the depths of the Indian Ocean. You can witness various types of fish species in all colors.

You can also turtles, starfish, coral, and shellfish if you dive or snorkel. Some parts of Bali and the adjacent islands may also have dolphins, sharks, and rays.

5. History of Bali Island

Around 2.000 BC, the first prehistoric visited the island of Bali. But, a town didn’t start to grow up around rice fields until the 9th century.

The Balinese culture started to emerge with the arrival of the Hindu kings of Majapahit. They were the victim of a forceful drive from Java.

The Balinese Hindu traditions came to the island by the priest Nirartha. The Dutch began to align with the princes of the north part of the island in the 19th century.

They later conquered Bali. A massacre known as Puputan occurred in 1904 in this majestic place. It happened of a disagreement over shipwreck riches.

To avoid the humiliation of losing to the Dutch army, some 4000 Balinese chose suicide. Denpasar nobility set fire to their palaces to avoid surrender to the Dutch.

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They hurled themselves in front of the Dutch artillery, wearing their best clothes. It is a significant event in the history of the Island of God and Indonesia.

A repeat invasion two years later resulted in a second puputan or mass suicide. The first western visitors started to arrive in Bali in 1930.

People of the world grow their interest in this majestic island of Indonesia. Improvements to the roads and education of the island started in the early 19710s.

The development of telecommunications and health systems also started in the same year. It happened because of increased tourism on the island.

There is no doubt about the significant impact of tourism on Balinese culture.

But the people have been able to preserve their culture and customs despite having an impact. You can visit the Island of God to see the fascinating culture of the Balinese people.

6. This Beautiful Island of Indonesia is Very Cheap

The Island of God is a very affordable travel destination. It is simple to visit this majestic place without worrying about breaking the bank. You consider it as one of the interesting facts about Bali.

This beautiful island is attractive if you know where to look, despite the crowd of tourists. Thousands of visitors come to this place, as it is one of the cheap travel destinations.

7. Safety on This Beautiful Island of Indonesia

This island is a stunning and well-liked vacation spot. But many minor crimes, corruption, and fraud happen in Bali. You can consider this island safe for travel.

To help you keep yourself secure, we tell taking a few measures. Bag snatching is a common crime on this island. So keep your valuables items concealed, and close by.

8. The Only Hindu Province of Indonesia

With 86.9% of the people practicing Hinduism, it is the only Hindu province in Indonesia. You can consider it one of the interesting facts about Bali, without any doubt.

It has recognition from the people for visual arts, including music and sculpture. It is also famous for painting, leatherwork, and traditional and modern dance.

9. The Traditional Dress of The Balinese Girls

Many Balinese girls wear their traditional dress. They usually wear it during their festival or their worship in the temple.

Women in Bali
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Since the Island of God is a well-liked travel destination, casual attire is typical. Many girls wear t-shirts, shorts, summer skirts, and sandals.

They usually wear everything, but they respect their local culture. If you observe them, you will discover the uniqueness of their traditional dress.

10. Languages of The Balinese People

Before visiting Bali, you might not be aware that there are two official languages. Basa Bali, or Balinese, is the majority language in this island nation.

But Bahasa Indonesia is the official language. Try to gain knowledge about the local languages of the people. It is necessary and one of the interesting facts about Bali.

FAQ: 5 Questions about Bali That People Ask

Many people are so curious about this beautiful place in Indonesia. They ask many questions from their curiosity. These are the five questions that people ask from curiosity.

  1. How much money do you need for ten days in Bali?

    Your expenses for the trip will cover your meals, beverages, shopping, and entertainment. It will also cover any extracurricular activities. You may have to spend $400 to $1100 for the entire 10-day trip to the majestic islands of Indonesia.

  2. Do the local people of Bali speak English?

    English is a worldwide language and the third largest native language, which has high use in Bali. There is no doubt that this language has demand by the tourism industry. Balinese people have considerable skill in English. It enables them to interact with visitors.

  3. What should you avoid in Bali?

    There are nearly nine to ten things to stay away from in Bali. It includes drugs, riding a scooter without a license, and unsafe boats. It also enlists drinking tap water, dressing, and stray dogs and cats are further examples.

  4. What kinds of food do Balinese people eat?

    The top foods of Bali include the Sate varieties, Nasi Ayam and nasi campur, Ayam betutu, and Babi guling. They also eat Tahu and tempeh, Jimbaran seafood, Traditional cakes, and desserts.

  5. Is Bali cheaper than Thailand?

    The Price of Omit, the cost of lodging, and food appear to be a little lower in Thailand. Thailand is a better option if you have a limited travel budget and want to stay in one location.


There are many interesting facts about Bali, though we have discussed ten of them. The world has the blessing of natural beauty, and this majestic land is a small part of that blessing.

The Island of God is one of the most beautiful attractions in Indonesia and southeast Asia. These ten interesting facts about Bali can help you during your visit to this island.

It is a majestic place where you can sit forever and never get tired of looking into the Sea. Nature can awaken your better feelings and contribute to your physical well-being.

The touch of the Sea can reduce blood pressure, heart rate, muscle tension, and stress hormones. Do not hesitate to visit Bali to see the celestial beauty.

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