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I think we all know about Dhaka. It is the largest city in the south Asian country Bangladesh. It is in the central part of Bangladesh and has a population of over 21 million people.

Shamibag is a neighborhood in the capital city of Bangladesh. It has many important places. These places represent the cultural, commercial, and historical face of Dhaka.

It has vibrant street life, without any doubt. Thousands of people live in this locality of the capital city. These people enjoy a busy life in this locality of the country.

This area of the city is about three kilometers from Bakshi Bazar. It is also about one point forty-six kilometers from Maniknagar. Maniknagar is another locality of Dhaka.

Notable Places of Shamibag

As this area is in the heart of the capital city of Bangladesh, it is simple to have some notable locations. Let’s know about these locations.

Shamibag Wonderland Park

It is a famous place in this area, without any doubt. Many parents love to visit this place with their children in their free time. It usually becomes crowded on Friday.

The year of the establishment of this park is 2002. It covers an area of 300 yards / 220 yards. It is a private park. It has plenty of rides option with different thrills and fun.

The total number of rides is 13. The names of the rides are – Train, Voyager board, Twister, Super chairs, minicab, Baby Car, Mary Go, etc.

This park has a total of 4 ticket counters. These counters are on both sides of the main gate. The authority takes 30 Taka for both child & adult to enter the park.

Besides, they take 20 takas for Every ride ticket price. The authority instructed the visitors not to waste flowers and leaves in the park.

There is a good arrangement for fire and security. There are two toilets in the park. There is one for females and another for males at the left side of the main gate.

Shamibag ISKCON Temple

It is one of the ancient temples of Bangladesh. It is also known as Swamibag Ashram. Sri Rudra Tridandi Tripuralinga Swami Maharaj established this temple in 1899.

He was a privileged disciple of the great yogi Tripalanga Swami. Sri Yashoda Nandan Acharya received responsibility as Sevayat of Swami Bagh Ashram. He received the responsibility in 1984.

He handed over the full responsibility of management to Bangladesh ISKCON in 2000. He did it considering the maintenance and improvement of the temple.

Many people may not know about ISKCON. It means The International Society for Krishna Consciousness (ISKCON). It is famous as the Hare Krishna movement or Hare Krishnas.

Shamibag: Some Important Things to Know
BadhonCRCC BY-SA 4.0, via Wikimedia Commons

ISKCON members have been looking after this place since February 19, 2000. It is a center of organizational activities of Bangladesh ISKCON.

Every year, Jagannath’s Rath Yatra starts at the ISKCON temple in Swamibag. It ends at Dhakeshwari National Temple with much fanfare.

Many Hindus from Bangladesh and the world come to visit this place. Many of them come to pray to the Hindu god and goddess. There is no doubt that it is a historical place.

Some other notable places-

  • Mitali Biddyapith High School
  • Rayshaheb Bazar Koborsthan
  • Lily Convention Hall – HatKhola Road
  • Baitul Khair Jame Masjid
  • Swamibag Bagicha Jaame Masjid


Dhaka is a city beset with many problems, without any doubt. This area is no alternative to this rule as it is part of Dhaka City. But thousands of people live in this area.

The people who live in this area know how to overcome problems. This area has many restaurants where visitors can taste local food. It is a place that represents Bangladesh with its people.

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