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Dumki is a subdistrict of the Patukahli district of southern Bangladesh. It is under Barisal Divison. This area has many notable educational institutions.

The literacy rate of Dumki Upazila is 66.4%. It is the result of the 2011 census. People of this locality have a great interest in education, without any doubt.

Parents of students try their best to build a better future for their children despite poverty. They understand the value of education without any doubt.

Dumki Upazila: Interesting Facts About 3 Notable Places
Md. Mahmudul Hasan FaisalCC BY-SA 4.0, via Wikimedia Commons

It is necessary to drive the car on a highway more than 222 km from the capital of Bangladesh to reach Dumki Upazila. Thousands of people live n this subdistrict of Bangladesh.

The total population of Dumki Upazila is 70,655. Among them, 33,802 are male, and 36,853 are female. The total number of families is 15,542. It is according to the data of the 2011 census.

Bakerganj upazila is in the north of Dumki and Bauphal upazila in the east. Patuakhali Sadar upazila in the south and Mirzaganj Upazila in the west of it.

Some Notable Places of Dumki Upazila

There are many notable places in this area, including many famous educational institutions. Let’s know about these places in detail.

Patuakhali Science and Technology University

This university is a higher educational institution in southern Bangladesh, without any doubt. It is in Dumki Upazila of Patuakhali District of the Barisal Division of the country.

The government established this university in the year 2000. The authority established Patuakhali Agricultural College about 15 km north of the district headquarters.

It started its activities at the undergraduate level as a private agricultural college. It had an affiliation with Bangladesh Agricultural University, Mymensingh.

It was in the 1979-80 academic year. On July 12, 2001, the National Parliament abolished the Patuakhali Agricultural College. It was the way of the establishment of this university.

University in Dumki Upazila
AmisujonCC BY-SA 4.0, via Wikimedia Commons

The University campus covers an area of 72 acres of land. The main campus is on 35 acres, and an agricultural research farm is on 37 acres of land, out of this.

In front of the academic buildings of the main campus is a long tree-lined lake. The male and female hostels exist in the northwest part of the campus.

The mosque is on the way from the academic building to the hostel. Next to the mosque is the university health center, and opposite it is the library building.

Srirampur Zamindar Bari

Srirampur Zamindar Bari is a historic Mughal-era zamindar house. It is in the Srirampur village of Dumki. This place in Patuakhali district is famous as Mia Bari to the locals.

The reign of Murshid Quli Khan is the founding time of this zamindari in Srirampur. He was the first Nawab of Bengal during the Mughal regime.

Shibal Khan, the founder of this zamindar house, was a Hindu. His name then was Shri Shiv Prasad Mukherjee. He and his brother Shri Bhav Prasad were high officials of Nawab.

Shri Shiv Prasad Mukhopadhyay converted to Islam and changed his name to Shibal Khan. Nawab Murshid Quli Khan gave him land and the title of Mia after becoming pleased with this.

The land that Nawab gave him vast land, without any doubt. Later Kale Khan, son of zamindar Shibal Khan, added many more areas under the zamindari.

The house has several gates or entrances. Inside are residences or palaces built by zamindars. There is a dark well. But now, all are almost destroyed.

The zamindar house has a Mughal-style mosque. It also has the twin graves of zamindar Kale Khan Mia and his wife. The name of his wife was Julekha.

Next to the zamindar house, there is also a bridge built over the canal during the Mughal period. Also, there are still some Mughal period structures in the area.

Government Janata College

Government Janata College is a government educational institution. The year 1972 is the time of its founding. The college affiliated with the National University offers Higher Secondary Certificates.

It also gives Degrees and some graduate-level certificates. On 1 June 1988, the college was first registered as an MPO. It makes many people in this area educated.


This place is famous in Bangladesh as many students come here to read at the university. It has many beautiful villages and a river named Lohalia. The green villages and the Lohalia river can give pleasure to nature lovers.

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