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Dhaka is one of the most populated cities in the world, without any doubt. Millions of people live in this city. It has many rich and poor neighborhoods.

Bakshi Bazar is one of these neighborhoods. Bakshi Bazar is a neighborhood in Dhaka, Bangladesh. It is famous for its market and street food.

It is also a great shopping destination for electronics and household goods. Many people of Dhaka city love this place and come to taste its street food.

The whole of Dhaka city is famous for street food. There are many important educational institutions in this area.

This place is about 8 kilometers from Gulshan and 10 kilometers from Shewrapara. Besides, Sayedabad is only 5.2 kilometers away from this place of Dhaka.

Important Places of Bakshi Bazar

There are many important institutions, as this place is in the capital city of Bangladesh. Let’s know in detail about these places.

Government Madrasah-e-Alia

Madrasa-e-Aliya Dhaka is a traditional Aliya Madrasah in Bangladesh. It is famous as Dhaka Aliya Madrasa among people.

Governor General Warren Hastings of Fort William established Calcutta Aliya Madrasah. He built this madrasa in 1780.

During the partition in 1947, the authority shifted it from Kolkata to Dhaka. The principal of the madrasah was Khan Bahadur Maulana Ziaul Haque during that time.

Bakshi Bazar: An Important Area of Dhaka City
Anup SadiCC BY-SA 4.0, via Wikimedia Commons

He was the first principal of this historical madrasah of Bangladesh. Government Madrasa-e-Alia, located at Baksibazar, Dhaka.

On the west side of this government madrasah is Bangladesh Madrasa Education Board. There is a student hall on the east side of the madrasa named Allama Kashgari (RA) Hall.

There is also another hall of the madrasah named Shaheed Ibrahim Hall. It has a library, laboratory, and other modern facilities.

Currently, there are about 15000 students and 100 teachers in the madrasah. The madrasa has a well-equipped library, computer lab, playground, and dormitory.

Bangladesh Madrasa Education Board

Bangladesh Madrasa Education Board is a board formed to manage madrasa education. The government established it through the Madrasah Education Ordinance of 1978.

Its aim at modernizing and improving the quality of madrasa education in Bangladesh. This institution became an autonomous institution in June 1979.

It is doing its work with great success. It is working to improve the quality of madrasah education. This instiution is in the Bakshi Bazar area.

Begum Badrunnessa Government Women’s College

Begum Badrunnessa Government Women’s College is in the capital city of Bangladesh. It is famous as Badrunnessa College.

It was Eden School and College in 1940. The authority of that time started it in Eden Building at the end of British rule.

The governing body of this institution shifted to the present location after the partition in 1948. And since then, the college began its journey as the first government college.

Government College
Anup SadiCC BY-SA 4.0, via Wikimedia Commons

Till 1964 the institution was famous as Eden College. Later, the authority opened a degree branch in the new building in Azimpur. Then the new building became famous as Eden College.

And this institution became famous as Government Intermediate College. At the end of 1969, the authority named Dhaka Government Girls College.

Begum Badrunnessa Ahmed was the first Minister of State for Education in Bangladesh. The authority renamed the institution Begum Badrunnessa Government Women’s College.

Nabakumar Institution

Nabakumar Institution and Dr. Shahidullah College are centenary educational institutions. It is on Umesh Dutt Road. The time of the establishment of this educational institution is 1916.

The institution was one of the preferred institutions for the children of the rich. These people were the dwellers of Lalbagh, Islampur, and Wari.

Zamindar Babu Navkumar built it to spread education in the elite areas. Until 1973 only its school wing was functioning. Its college branch started that year.

Some Other Notable Places in This Neighborhood

  • Kara Convention Center
  • Ahmadiyya Muslim Jama’at, Bangladesh 
  • Nazrul Islam Hall, BUET 
  • Shaheed. Fazle Rabbi Hall 
  • Board of Intermediate and Secondary Education 
  • Dr. Fazle Rabbi Hall Playground


Various types of people live in this place. This place has many problems like traffic jams and pollution. But people live here overcoming these problems.

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