Sayedabad: Some Interesting Things to Know


Sayedabad is a place in Dhaka city, and this place is famous for its bus terminal. Many people live in this locality of the capital city of Bangladesh.

Sayedabad Bus Terminal
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It is one of the main bus terminals of Dhaka City, without any doubt. Hundreds of buses go to different parts of Bangladesh from this bus terminal.

Things to Know About Sayedabad

This place always remains crowded as it is an important center of communication. There are many things to know about this neighborhood of the Bangladeshi capital.

A part of Mayor Hanif Flyover crosses the Syedabad. This place is not very far from Jatrabari. Golapbag and Shamibag are also very near this place.

It is more than three kilometers from the Bakshi Bazar. It is also more than 12 kilometers from Shewrapara. Anyone can become astonished by seeing its crowd.

Thousands of Bangladeshi people go to their village homes during Eid time. They do it to enjoy the festival with family and friends. Most of these people love buses to go home.

Because of this reason, this terminal of the capital city becomes so crowded. Everyone tries to reach their destination as fast as possible before Eid.

This place indeed has many problems, including pollution. But this spot has some attraction, without any doubt.

Thousands of people leave and enter the capital Dhaka through it. It is one of the most valuable bus terminals of the country, named Bangladesh.

It has value as it is a bus terminal in the center of Dhaka. There are many things to enjoy here, without any doubt.

Thousands of shop are available here that sells different types of product. But the food shops are the most notable among all these shops.

They sell various Bengali food to the people. Byrani, Khichuri, and Singara are some of the most notable food available here.

Many people love to eat in these shops before beginning their journey. It is a place that can give a great glimpse of the lifestyle of the local people living in Dhaka.

It is possible to consider this place as one of the communication hubs of Bangladesh. A large number of people live in this area, without any doubt.

The majority of them are working-class people. They work in many garments factory or construction sites.

This neighborhood can give a glimpse into the life of the people of this south Asian country. It shows how people struggle to earn money to eat food.

There are thousands of building in this area. Some buildings are new and some old. Most of these buildings are at risk of becoming the victim of an Earthquake.

A big part of Bangladesh is at risk of facing a deadly earthquake. It is the speech of the researchers. Besides, many small earthquakes hit the capital city.

A valuable piece of information is that it is difficult to find comfort in Sayedabad during the hot summer.

Anyone can reach this neighborhood by CNG, Rickshaw, or any other vehicle. But there is a common problem.

The problem is nothing but the famous traffic jam. You can consider it one of the main enemies of the beautiful life in this locality.

Traffic jam spoils many valuable times for people. It also harms the economy of the country. People can not reach their destination timely because of Traffic jams.

Religious Institution of this area –

  • Sayedabad Bus Terminal Masjid
  • Kali Mandir
  • Dawate Islami Bangladesh
  • Hujurbari Masjid

Bus Counter- 

Sakura, Dola, Golden Line, Soudia, Himachal, Hanif, and Shaymoli. There is also Kuakata Express Lt, Al Mobaraka and many others.


Every place has some negative and positive aspects. This neighborhood is no alternative to this rule. It has some negative aspects and positive aspects.

But it is possible to live in this neighborhood by gaining the skills to handle problems. If a person wants to live in this place, he must gain some knowledge about it.

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