Varend Corso Westland: Interesting Facts To Know

A great relationship exists between the term which is flowers and Netherlands. The people of the Netherlands is a great lovers of the flower, without any doubt.

They love to arrange different types of festivals related to the flower. Varend Corso Westland is a place where the people of the Netherlands organize parades.

Varend Corso Westland Parade
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Many people around the globe consider the flower as a symbol of love. The people of Holland also think the beautiful species of flowers are the symbol of love.

A large number of people attend this festival with their family and friends. There is no doubt that they pass a memorable moment in this place.

More About Varend Corso Westland

Not only flowers but also vegetables serve as decoration for a special event. More than 500,000 visitors want to see this festival every year.

They are the people of the municipality of Westland southwest of The Hague. It does not travel through the region on the roads but on the water.

The Varend Corso Westland is a procession of ships and boats. This year it is on the calendar from June 23rd to 25th.

Dozens of decorated boats set sail during the program – each day, they travel a different route. The routes pass places such as Naaldwijk, Honselersdijk, De Lier, and Maassluis.

It also passes Vlaardingen, Schipluiden, Delft, and The Hague, among others. Many people want to follow this parade, and they take a bike.

Each year it has a different theme. The Westland Flower Parade is an annual event featuring all the things that it has to offer.

Flower Parade in Holland
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Hundreds of boats of the local people take part in this beautiful event. Local people use beautiful local flowers to decorate their boats.

They also use plants and vegetables for sailing through the region over three full days. Each day the parade covers a different area of Westland.

It allows everyone to enjoy this unique event without any doubt. This festival attracts hundreds of thousands of spectators each year.

The Westland Flower Parade of Holland has become a must-see event. It aims to showcase Het Westland as the agricultural capital of the world.

It raises awareness for the quality and variety of beautiful and healthy products. It means it serves the purpose of entertainment for the people and agriculture.

It helps to promote the locally grown agricultural product to the people. There is no doubt that having friends is great.

The responsible authority of this festival has many friends. These friends support this event. Thanks to the support of the sponsors and subsidy providers of this festival.

Many people enjoy the most beautiful flower parade in Holland with this support. Anyone can also contribute to the Corso as a member of the audience.

The Scouting Naaldwijk raises funds every year. They raise through the “Duit voor een Schuit” initiative along the waterfront.

It was a successful campaign, with the public becoming one of the biggest sponsors. Take part in supporting this festival, if you want.

Activities During This Magnificent Parade

This Flower Parade is not about passing boats. It consists of more entertainment facilities. Besides the parade, there are many activities taking place along the route.

During the parade, a person can choose a boat tour provided by the boat tour company “De Gantel.” The boat will be visible along the side, allowing the parade to pass in the canal.

The boat service provider will take a beautiful route to a lovely spot. It is near the corner of Monster Watering/Zijde, close to Schipluiden.

The boat will halt, allowing the visitor to see the parade pass by. From Monster, it will sail through a beautiful route along ‘s Gravenzande towards Naaldwijk.

The visitor will see the parade pass by from a great spot. The boat service provider will then follow the parade back to Monster along the same route.

They will cruise over the Gantel, Hollewatering, and Wennetjessloot. They will also visit a beautiful mooring place near De Uithof.

Natuur12CC BY 4.0, via Wikimedia Commons

From here, the visitor will see the parade pass by from the water. The boat will return along the same route in reverse. It will leave from Poeldijk to the Trade Park in Honselersdijk.

The audience to this parade will enjoy a peaceful view of the participating ships in this festival. Other activities take place here besides the canal tours.


This great festival of Holland became a part of the culture of this great country. The large amounts of the crowd during this festival can amaze anyone.

People from the Netherlands and different countries visit Westland for it. People in the many areas of Holland arrange this type of festival.

The Corso Zundert Flower Parade is the perfect example. This type of festival is capable of providing necessary entertainment to the visitor.