Risang Waterfall: An Amazing Place in Khagrachari


Risang Waterfall is in Sapmara village of Matiranga upazila, 11 km from Khagrachari town. Risang is a Marma word meaning water flowing from a high place.

It is also known as ‘Sap Mara Risang Jharna’ to the locals. In 2003 the government registered it as a tourist destination.

But its owner is Rabindra Tripura, who leased 10 acres of land from the government in 1989. You can experience the mesmerizing view of the waterfall there.

Risang Waterfall
Solayman .EmonCC BY-SA 4.0, via Wikimedia Commons

Authority recently built stairs to ease the hassle of tourists so that they can reach the falls. Next to it, you will see another spring 200 yards away.

This spring became famous as Risang Jharna two or ‘Apu Jharna’. The beautiful view of the water cascading down from the 30-meter-high mountain.

It is worth enjoying for hours. And if you want, you can bathe in the water of Risang spring to soothe your mind.

A Beautiful Place in Khagrachari

Three kilometers west of Alutila Cave is Risang Waterfall. Go north from the main road and hear the sound of the fountain. There are two showers side by side.

With your transport, you can go to the foot of the waterfall. A short walk will add to the charm of the journey. The mountain greenery and lifestyle will attract anyone.

It will attract you during the walking around the high mountains. A glimpse of the valley below a thousand feet will make anyone shiver with wonder.

This natural waterfall falls from a height of about 30 meters. The entire environment is rocky. The water of the waterfall falls from about 100 feet height.

After falling, it rolled over another 100 feet of rocks and came down to the plain. It is a unique form of it that will surpass your imagination.

No one can say how long this stream has been flowing, but in 2003 it caught the eye of travelers. Since then, people have been coming here.

You can swim in the waters of the Risang Waterfall. You can also take a natural shower in the cascading water of the spring.

There are even water rides for the more adventurous. All for free. There is a way to go to the head from where the shower water is falling, so go there.

The place is flat, and it is better to fix the shower part there. You will see another highway to return from that place.

Keep walking along that path, and watch that you have come to that familiar road. Now go back to the hotel the way you came.

Origin of The Name

The word Risang comes from the language of the Marma community of Khagrachari. In Marma, the word ring means water and sang means something falling from a high place.

Raihan RanaCC BY-SA 4.0, via Wikimedia Commons

That is, the word Risang means water flowing from a high place. Its other name is Terang Taikalai.

How to get to Risang Waterfall?

You can visit this place by renting a car or CNG from Khagrachari. It is necessary to get down about 500 meters from the fountain.

And you have to walk the rest of the way. Besides, if you want to see this place, take a local bus or car from Khagrachari Sadar.

And come to Alutila Cave, which is 10 km away on the way to Dhaka. The next destination from Alutila is the area of Hridiya Member.

This area is about two kilometers away. Local bus fare from Alutila to the Hridiya member area is 5 taka per person.

One has to walk or ride a bike for two kilometers from the Hridiya Member area to the waterfall. The bike fare is Tk 50 per person for going only, and the return fare is Tk 100 per person.

Where will you stay?

Khagrachari town has various quality residential hotels for overnight stays. Depending on the hotel, you may need to pay 600 to 5000 taka for one night’s stay. Good quality residential hotels in Khagrachari town include –

• Hotel Hill Paradise: Located in Khagrachari town with AC, non-AC, VIP AC, and group room facilities. Its rent is 1200 to 5000 Taka according to the class.

• Hotel Gyring: It is in Khagrachari town with AC, non-AC, VIP AC, and group room facilities. Its rent is also 1200 to 5000 Taka according to the class.

Risang Waterfall Khagrachari
ANKAN GHOSH DASTIDERCC BY-SA 4.0, via Wikimedia Commons

• Aranya Bilas: It is in the coconut garden, twin bed. AC is Tk 3000, double AC is Tk 2000, twin non-AC is Tk 2500, and couple non-AC is Tk 1500.

• Hotel Ecochari Inn: This hotel is at a distance of 2.5 km from Khagrachari town. You have to pay 1500 to 3600 taka for one night’s stay here.

Where will you eat?

There are several restaurants in Shapla Chattar and the Bus Stand area of the town. Besides, you can taste coffee and traditional hill food at ‘System Restaurant’.


The sound of the cool flowing clear water of this fountain is majestic. It always attracts tourists traveling along the Khagrachari-Dhaka main road.

Along with the waterfalls, the hilly nature creates a unique feeling in the mind. Many people want to spend all their time in the touch of this waterfall.

You will not want to leave this place as you may have to come in a noisy public place.

There are many other things to explore, along with the enchanting Risang waterfall. The green hills and lifestyle of the hill tribes will introduce you to something new.

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