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There is no doubt that the people of the Netherlands love flowers. They arrange many programs from this love, and many people attend them.

They come here to admire the oldest parades of flowers in Holland. The Rijnsburg Flower Parade in always takes place on the second Saturday in August.

Thousands of people attend this great and attractive festival. They take part in this festival to enjoy some memorable moments.

Rijnsburg Flower Parade: Amazing Facts to Know
jdegraaf from Leiden, NetherlandsCC BY 2.0, via Wikimedia Commons

Many of them visit this place with family and friends during the festival. It became a part of Dutch tradition and culture.

The offerings can fulfill the thirst of the touristic minds of the people. It can amaze anyone with the large number of people at this festival.

More Facts About Rijnsburg Flower Parade

The village of Rinjsburg is in the province of South Holland and the west of the country. It has fewer than 17,000 inhabitants, but more than 350,000 flock here.

They come here to admire the oldest parades of flowers in Holland. Rijnsburg Parades of Flowers in Holland always take place every year.

It always takes place on the second Saturday in August. It took place together with the music float and music corps.

The parade drives through the streets of Rijnsburg, Katwijk, and Noordwijk. More than 100 disguised performers go with the various themed floats.

Anyone who likes to see the decorated floats in advance can do so on Friday evening. The opening show occurs at the Bloemenveiling Royal Flora Holland premises.

It is a magnificent program in the Netherlands for entertainment, without any doubt. The floral works of art can be visible on the Koningin Wilhelmina Boulevard in Noordwijk.

It is at the end of the three-day festival weekend. Admission is free. It runs every year on the 2nd Saturday of August.

Floats, music cars, passenger cars with flowers, and music bands are visible here. It is famous as a driving flower theater.

Riding with this Parade is a unique experience. Some arrangers have the skill to ensure a beautiful ending for all visitors.

There are a large number of sponsors and grant providers. They bear a significant part of the costs of this festival. You, too, can be part of this fantastic event.

It provides tailor-made solutions for all, whether they opt for a float or not. The group of skilled arrangers ensures a unique end product.

The floats are the absolute eye-catchers of this festival. The design of the float always matches the theme. The responsible authority decorates the float and towing car with flowers.

If a person takes part, his logo and name will be on the skirt of the float as standard. His company will also get a place as a sponsor in various media.

The authority will mention it on their website. They will do it during the presentation and the official opening.

It is also possible to sponsor one float with several companies. Thus it is possible to share the costs with others. The person can use the sponsor package ‘Orchid’ for four people.

Flower Parade
jdegraaf from Leiden, NetherlandsCC BY 2.0, via Wikimedia Commons

Passenger cars are a great business card for his company. A skilled arranger appointed by the authority will light up his car. They will use all flowers and materials in it.

He can also choose to have his vehicle installed by a skilled arranger. Both options include a sponsor package named Sunflower.


Many volunteers work to organize this great festival in the Netherlands. The volunteers work under Stichting Rijnsburgs Bloemen Corso to arrange this program.

This vibrant program can give a magnificent feeling to the visitor. This place in the Netherlands is ideal for visiting during the festival time.

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