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Mirzaganj is Upazila in southern Bangladesh under Patuakhali district. It is on the bank of the Payra river. The history of the creation of Mirzaganj Upazila is old.

According to history, the Mirzas had a zamindari estate in this area. They were the happy and sad companions of the people of this area.

The people of this region used to cultivate their lands. They contributed a lot to the spread of education and religious education.

Mirza’s family won the hearts of the people of this area. Many people believe that Mirzaganj got its name after these Mirzas.

It became known as Thana in 1812. After that, there was no looking back. In 1984, the government of that time transformed into an upazila.

To the north of this locality is Bakerganj Upazila. To the east is the Payra River, and to the south is Barguna Sadar.

Betagi Upazila is on the west of this place. The total population of Mirzaganj is 1,21,716 people, according to the 2011 census.

Among them, 59,292 are male, and 62,424 are female. The number of family members is 28,205. The literacy rate of Mirzaganj Upazila is 59.4%.

This thing is according to the result of the 2011 census. The education rate is low. But many people are becoming aware of education.

Some Notable Places of Mirzaganj Upazila

There are many notable places in this area. These places include a famous religious shrine. Many people visit this locality in southern Bangladesh.

Mazar of Hazrat Shah Sufi Yar Uddin Khalifa (RA)

His real name was Yar Uddin Khan, and his father’s name was Md Sarai Khan. But no one knows the exact date of birth.

His original house is in Dhamsi village under Palang police station of Shariatpur district. Nothing significant is possible to know about his educational qualifications.

But, he used to recite the Holy Qur’an most of the time. He was a man of the Khan clan. Later in life, he used to sew clothes and hats, so everyone addressed him as Khalifa Sahib.

He was the murid and caliph of Hazrat Sureswari. The saint of Mirzaganj was a spiritual saint, without any doubt. He was a very introverted person.

Even during his stay in Shariatpur, he did not like any self-promotion. He preferred to stay in the public eye. His wife and only son died of cholera when he was 38.

He lived a simple life. Most of the time, he stayed in the mosque and recited the Quran while sitting in prayer.

Khalifa spent a long time in Mirzaganj. One night he had a severe fever. Khadem Gagan Mallik wanted to stay near at night, but he did not let him stay.

Gagan Mallik did not go home the next night as he fell very ill. Khalifa died that night. He blessed his khadem before his death.

How to go: You have to go to Bakerganj from Barisal. After reaching Bakergnaj, you should come to Subidkhali. Then take a rickshaw straight to Mirzaganj shrine.

Payra River

The Mirzaganj Upazila of southern Bangladesh has the blessings of the Payra river. Payra is one of the most beautiful and wide rivers in Bangladesh.

It is dangerous to move in a small boat on this river. Any person who is new to this place can face enormous horror if he wants to cross the river by small boat.

Mirzaganj Upazila: Some Important Information to Know
Bijoy91CC BY-SA 4.0, via Wikimedia Commons

Many people come to enjoy the sunrise and sunset of this river in the morning and evening. It creates a heavenly feeling in the mind without any doubt.

Bangladesh is a country famous for its scenic rivers, without any doubt. This river is an integral part of its natural beauty and cultural heritage.

This river also serves as a source of livelihood for many communities in Bangladesh. It has contributed to the rich history and heritage of the country.


This southern area of Bangladesh has many things to offer. Thousands of people live in this locality. Many people from different places in Bangladesh visit this place.

If you want, you can visit this locality without hesitation. It has many things to offer to its visitors. The beautiful villages of this area are so beautiful, without any doubt.

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