The Fehmarnbelt Tunnel: A Valuable Place for Road Transportation


The Germans and Danish have taken steps to establish an underwater connection. They are building an underwater link in the world named the Fehmarnbelt tunnel.

This unique subway, built 40 meters below the Baltic Sea, will be ready by 2029. It will cost thousands of dollars.

They are both developing rail and roads inside the subway. The location of this underwater subway is between Denmark and Germany.

Due to the construction of this subway, the countries will establish underwater connections. This underwater subway will be ready by 2029.

The subway will have many modern facilities. The authorities will also build double-lane roads and railways inside the subway.

Construction of the Fehmarn Belt Tunnel began in 2020. According to CNN’s report, the length of this subway will be 18 km.

Many consider it to be the largest infrastructure project in Europe. The construction of this subway will cost a large amount of money.

They will build it 40 meters deep in the Baltic Sea. The subway will connect Germany’s Fehmarn and Denmark’s Loland Island.

The Fehmarnbelt Tunnel between germany and denmark
File:Fehmarn-bridge.svg: Bowzerderivative work NordNordWestCC BY-SA 3.0, via Wikimedia Commons

Thousands of people travel by boat between the two countries throughout the year. This boat service is between Rodeby and Puttgarden. It takes 45 minutes to go by boat.

Due to the tunnel’s construction, this distance will reduce to 7 minutes by train and 10 minutes by car. The official name of this subway is Fehmarn Belt, Fixed Link.

It will be the highest rail and road underwater passage in the world. It will have two double road lanes, and the service lane will be separate. There will be two electric railway tracks.

It takes about four and a half hours to travel to cover the distance from Copenhagen to Hamburg by train. But it will take two and a half hours to cover the distance with this tunnel construction.

Both Germany and Denmark signed an agreement to build the subway in 2008. More than 2500 people have involvement with this project.

What will be the benefit of making this tunnel?

The Fehmarnbelt tunnel is valuable. It will connect the countries of Scandinavia and Central Europe. It will be possible to transport by rail and road through this subway.

The subway will reduce the time between eastern Denmark and the rest of Europe to the south. It currently takes 45 minutes to cross the Belt, and it will take ten minutes after opening the tunnel.

This thing represents a way of significant time-saving. No one has to waste time waiting for the ferry or leaving at a fixed time to reach a ferry.

It means that travelers will enjoy all the benefits of arriving sooner. They do not have to pay more than they do today.

This underwater passage will be an international link, without any doubt. Many people in Europe will use this international link to reach their destination.

The people of Denmark will use it more than any people in the different areas. One-third of the people expected to use the subway will be residents of Denmark.

It will bring a revolutionary change in the European communication sector, without any doubt. Danish, German, and all European praise the steps of building the underwater link.

How is the Fehmarn Belt Tunnel different?

In 1993, the French and English governments built Channel Tunnel. It is 50 kilometers long which is connect England and France.

It may cost a lot of money if they want to make it at this time. The Channel Tunnel is longer than the German and Danish underwater way.

The engineers used boring machines to build channel tunnels. But, the construction of this underwater link will involve pre-fabricated tunnel sections.

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