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This fantastic place named Shirley Sea Angling Club began in 1962 to make Sea Angling accessible to everyone. It welcomes men, ladies, and children to join, as it is a family Club.

Competitions crowd the beaches on weekends in the summer. You have to pay a signing-on fee before fishing in the competitions. Give to the Signing On or Records Officer.

The top weights in these competitions receive vouchers. The Fixtures include competitions for shore. It also includes Shallow Boat and Deep Boat competitions.

However, fishing in the Docks is now prohibited. The Angling Club Championship has two sections: Seniors and Juniors (members under 16).

More Information About This Sea Angling Club

Every year, many Cups and Trophies are visible to win, such as Senior Champion and Runner-Up. The member with the most points in each section from the shore wins these awards.

The Shallow Boats have places for older and younger students. The Deep Boats only has a section for older students. Each boat section has its trophies.

You can win many Cups and Trophies, like the Flounder Cup, Junior Flounder Cup, Pouting Trophy, and more. There are also Shields and Trophies for different types of fishing.

In addition, clubs and other organizations give out Fish of the Month Awards. It is possible to find a list on the fixture card.

During competitions, the Records Officer records the catch of the anglers. Members weigh and record each specimen and record fish.

You must submit fish of the Month entries on Official Club Weighing-Dockets. Anglers caught these fish in the Angling Trust Wessex Divisional area.

The area includes Hayling Island, West Bay, Dorset, and the Isle of Wight. All competitions follow Angling Trust rules and minimum size limits.

Shirley Sea Angling Club: A Great Hub for Anglers
It is not the image of this place but is similar to a fishing pond. Photo by Archie McDougall on Unsplash

Competitions use a points system. The top weight gets 25 points, second place gets 24 points, and so on. Every other member gets 1 point.

This venue awards the Wooden Spoon to the member who competes the most and scores the least. Anglers must weigh in at least once and fish in 12 or more competitions to qualify.

There are two more prizes available. These are the Junior Wooden Spoon and the Shallow Boats Wooden Oar.

For 40 years, this venue has hosted Open Shore Festivals on the Weston, Netley, and Hamble Shores. These competitions have many big prizes to win.

In the past, over 500 anglers have come to these festivals. The boat compound of the site is under the Itchen Bridge in Southampton. The Shallow Boat Competitions begin with this event.

This site also has a yearly event where it gives out prizes and has a social gathering. It also has Bingo nights, barbeques, and sometimes Skittle evenings.

Every year, it arranges the Annual General Meeting. Members can share their opinions on Club matters. The venue shares updates in a regular Newsletter.

The updates include the latest standings, Fish of the Month Awards, and new Records. Additionally, the new Website features reports from Shore and Boat Matches.


Get a membership application form from the venue’s website. The handout explains the activities of this site. If you need more information, contact the site authority.

If you want to join, please fill out a form. And send it to the Membership Secretary. Include your joining fee and annual subscription.

You will receive a membership card, a list of size limits, and weighing-in dockets. The Club also sells badges.

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