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Fishing is a very favorite sport among the people who live in the East Sussex County of the UK. There are many mentionable fishing spots in this area of the UK, without any doubt.

Wintons Fishery is one of these mentionable fishing spots in this County of England. There are many things to explore in the area of this fishing spot.

People from different parts of the UK visit here and enjoy some time. It is a place that welcomes all types of anglers, including beginners and experienced.

This place is ideal for removing the stress of a busy life and raising concentration. It is a place for spending a wonderful time, without any doubt.

More Information About Wintons Fishery

This fishery is in the area of Burgess Hill, West Sussex. It is a specimen carp and catfish venue consisting of three lakes. These lakes are within 33 acres of beautiful countryside.

Views from this site reach the South Downs. The capital London is within an hour’s drive from this site. Gatwick, Brighton, and Haywards Heath are all within 10 miles of this spot.

It provides anglers with some of the best carp and catfish fishing in the United Kingdom. The lakes of this fishing spot are well-matured and cared for.

It is famous for delivering many personal best captures of both carp and catfish. It is a place for offering some unique experiences to anglers, without any doubt.

Venues like it in Sussex and the southern counties are accessible on a syndicated basis. But it has always wanted to reach out to a larger target audience.

This larger audience includes both the local and traveling angler. It allows sampling of the delights of specimen carp and catfish.

Anglers can do it in safe, natural, and unspoiled surroundings. The large size of common and mirror carp are available here.

Big-size catfish are also available in the lakes. So could this be the home of your next personal best specimen fish?

Wintons is water for those who have a membership. If you want to join, go to the membership tab. You have to fill in a form.

Prices to fish are available on the prices tab of the website. After making your booking, the authority will allow you a swim in the lake of your choice.

A notable fact is fishing here is only suitable for the experienced angler. If you have any doubts, speak to one of the bailiffs on this site before joining.

Lakes of This Fishery

There are three major lakes in this fishing spot. These are the Kingfisher, Mallard, and Heron Lakes. Let’s know in detail about these lakes.

Kingfisher Lake

It houses a large number of known carp residents. It is a carp pool with no catfish. The authority dedicated it to the carp angler. You need a least five years of experience to fish this lake.

New members who have an interest must have met a bailiff to book. There are so many things, including lily islands, pads, bars, gulley, and overhanging willows, to name a few.

The etiquette is four on the big side and two on the small side, with only six swims available. You can ask a bailiff for advice if unsure.

Mallard lake

It spans over 4.6 acres and has countless features. Two main islands once were the dividing line of two Sussex fields.

Wintons Fishery: A Wonderful Place
Image of the Mallard Lake in Wintons Fishery.  © Copyright Shazz and licensed for reuse under this Creative Commons Licence

Anglers catch common carp and mirror carp on a variety of baits. It weighs over 35 lbs in weight. But 40lb + specimens are famous.

The summer months provide incredible catfishing opportunities here. It is an ideal fishing spot for many anglers on this property.

Heron Lake

It is a delightful mixed carp and catfish lake with four islands. It has many mentionable features like lily pad beds, reeds, deep holes, and a bank. The bank has weeping willows.

It is the easiest of the three lakes to fish. Authority often encourages members to angle here if they are new to the complex. It enables an angler to get big fish under their belt.


There is no doubt that it is an ideal fishing spot in the area named Burgess Hill. People living near Burgess Hill and different parts of the County visit this place to catch fish.

Fishing not only gives pleasure but also helps to increase concentration. It is a method to enjoy some great moments in this area of Great Britain.

Wintons Fishery has many rules that anglers must follow during their angling. Authority may ban anglers if they fail to follow the rules.

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