Danilia Village: A Beautiful Place in Greece


Danilia Village offers visitors everything they want to know about the island in a few hours. Chorio is a pioneer of the 1970s, not only for Corfu but also for Greece.

Several years ago, a pioneering idea for Greece was born. A visit of two people to the island for a tourist exhibition in Barcelona gave birth in the 1970s.

Emilios and Dimitris Boas visited Pueblo Español. The Spanish village where the history and culture of the country are visible on an area of ​​42 hectares.

They return to the island, determined for the next step. In 2000, the VILLAGE passed to the Business Group of the Daskalantonakis family.

It continued to operate for events, weddings, and guided tours of visitors. From September, it comes back to life every day with the traditional cafe.

The Folklore Museum, the olive press, and the shops sell traditional products here. Chorio is an authentic Corfu settlement.

More Information About Corfu

The visitor sees many architectural influences originate from the depths of time. The touch of the Venetian Empire is visible there, and every corner tells a story.

There are many notable things to see in this area in Greece. These are the cantounia, staircases with a walk, and Venetian lanterns.

Visitors will see antique red next to the green windows and orchards with fruit trees. Many vegetable gardens and vineyards increased the attraction of the place.

Image of corfu, where Danilia Village is situated
Image by sonlandras from Pixabay

In its cafe, the visitor will enjoy traditional Greek coffee. They can do it on the embers, appetizers with ouzo, while in the restaurant. They can taste Corfu and Cretan cuisine.

There is a Folklore Museum. It is a replica of an old Corfu mansion. The household of Corfu house of another era is visible in it.

Objects of rural life, decorations, costumes, and other period clothes adorn the space. It hosted the donation made by the Corfu writer, journalist, and printer Kostas Dafnis.

More Information About Danilia Village

With Pueblo Español as a model, the Buas family in 1977 envisioned the future through a plan. The plan is a demand and a pillar of the strategy for the tourism product of Greece.

Irini Boua, daughter of a businessman, described how her family implemented the idea. She said that after the return of her father and uncle from Barcelona, ​​they had family councils.

There were reflections and disagreements, but the decision was unanimous. The family saw the new page in Corfu tourism led by her grandfather Spyros Boua.

The plans began with valuable partners and consultants. It also gets the enormous support of the architectural office of Vassilis Grigoriadis.

They found the place in Danilia, accessible near the marina, the port, and Corfu City.

From the Credit Bank, it got approval for the loan, that’s why a branch was visible at the entrance of the Village.

Grandpa – Spyros started plowing the island with a truck and buying everything he found. These include Bricks, tiles, arches, doors, windows, furnaces, stoves, and old utensils.

On 7/11/1977, the then Minister of Tourism, Tzanis Tzanetakis, laid the foundation stone. Exactly one year later, on 11/7/1978, the doors of the Village opened.

The inauguration took place in the presence of many officials. Irini Boua also commented that it is a representative Corfu village.

Danilia Village is now passing the patina of time. There were shops with traditional professions in Corfu.

People from various professions rented the shops and created a small Corfu market. The olive press of the area was as it used to be, with stone stones and animals.

In the center of the settlement dominates the holy church dedicated to Agia Irini. It continues to function on May 5, Easter, and for weddings and baptisms.

A production company uses the perfect backdrop of the Village. They use it for filming in Greek and foreign films, as well as for commercials.


The European country of Greece is famous for its natural beauty and history. Thousands of people from different parts of the world visit Greece every year.

Danilia Village is a historical and beautiful place in this country. Many people visit this place to enjoy a good time with friends and family in Greece.

This place of Greece has adorned itself with many things to attract visitors from around the globe. It does not frustrate anyone who visits, without any doubt.

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