Shirkoak Fishery: A Beautiful Place


There is no doubt that many people in the United Kingdom love fishing. Many fisheries are available throughout this country as a result of this love.

Shirkoak Fishery is one of the notable and famous fisheries in Kent County. This fantastic fishing spot is a part of the famous Shikoak farm.

Many people in the United Kingdom remain busy doing their daily work. They start to feel bored and find many places to relax in their busy life.

This fishing spot is a place for them to enjoy some good moments. They can enjoy a good time with family and friends. This place has many things to offer, and these offerings attract people.

More Information About Shirkoak Fishery

It is a well-known fishing spot in the area and part of the Shirkoak Farm. The experience of fishing in this place can give another level of joy to a person.

Many facilities are available here that a person can enjoy during fishing. The authorities of this place are so good that they try to make anglers happy in any way.

The owner of this property is a couple named Hugh Pickett and his wife named Sarah. They have two daughters named Chloe and Phoebe.

They have moved to Shirkoak from Chartham. Mr. Hugh Pickett has been a passionate angler in his life. He purchased a derelict barn in France with a small lake in 2002.

It means he lived in France for many years. He and his family converted this into a fascinating fishing holiday business.

The name of this successful business is Willow Lake, France. They purchased another lake and house named Firs Lake a few years later, which we have since sold.

Shirkoak Fishery
Carp Fish is available in Shirkoak fishing spot. RudolphousCC BY-SA 4.0, via Wikimedia Commons

Hugh Pickett is very proud of their achievements in France. They have enjoyed turning a small 2-acre lake into a prestigious carp fishery.

Hugh is ready for the exciting challenge of turning Shirkoak into a thriving fishery. They purchased two small irrigation ponds on Bethersden Road a few years ago.

These ponds were overgrown and completely silted up with very little fish stock. They have designed and enlarged these ponds.

They turned them into a small fishing syndicate by doing this. Hugh is a chef by trade and has run a successful outside catering business for 35 years.

He has many experiences in arranging weddings. They hope to incorporate wedding packages at Shirkoak Farm. It means the hope of converting it into an ultimate Fisherman’s wedding venue.

Mr. Hugh looks forward to meeting you all and value your ideas and suggestions. This farm is a beautiful place to live, and he hopes they will have many happy years here.

Some Rules of This Fishery

There are some rules that all anglers must follow if they want to take the fishing experience here. The owners set this rule to maintain balance in the environment.

  • The authority suggests that all nets, weigh slings, and unhooking mats must be bone dry.
  • Anglers must use un-hooking mats at all times.
  • Anglers should not use Sacking or Keepnets.
  • Authority does not allow any artificial baits.
  • They allow micro-barb or barbed hooks only.
  • They do not allow any fires
  • They welcome Dogs in this area.


This fishing spot is a place for turning the desire into reality. The location of this place is in the beautiful nature. Fishing in a beautiful area can give some great moments to anyone.

Various species of fish are available here to catch. The owners of this place have many experiences. They have run many successful businesses in France.

They hope to turn Shirkoak Fishery into a great place for catching fish. Many people in the nearby area visit and love fishing in this place.

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