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Do you know what is the biggest flower parade in the world? It is the Corso Zundert Flower Parade in the Netherlands. Many people from different parts of the world attend this festival.

It is hard to find anyone on our planet who does love flowers. A large number of Dutch citizen love flowers like the people of other countries.

Image Of Corso Zundert Flower Parade
G.Lanting, CC BY-SA 4.0, via Wikimedia Commons

Many people attend this festival to become eyewitnesses of the great Dutch tradition. This day takes the place of a memorable day for some people, without any doubt.

It is an old festival and become a valuable part of Dutch culture. Twenty heralds compete with each other to build the most beautiful float.

More Information About Corso Zundert Flower Parade

Many people know the Zundert in connection with the painter Vincent van Gogh. This famous man was born here in 1853.

Not quite as old, but at least part of the event yearly since 1936. This parade of the Netherlands is the largest in the world, without any doubt.

It takes place on September 3rd and 4th every year. Thousands of volunteers from about 20 villages work to arrange it for about a year.

If people want to see this magnificent festival, they should buy a ticket. They must reserve tickets for two hours and buy in advance.

The Advance sales of tickets usually start in May. Until the year 2000, the organization of this great event was in the hands of a municipal committee.

The authority established a foundation after 64 years of its beginning. This foundation took all responsibility for the festival from the organization.

Since 2006, three new neighborhoods have joined to reach this festival at a unique level. Now there are a total of twenty hamlets that build the floats to take part in the parade.

Dutch Flower Parade
G.LantingCC BY-SA 4.0, via Wikimedia Commons

Each hamlet takes care of the cultivation of the necessary dahlias. Zundert has about eight thousand inhabitants.

The foundation remains very active on social media, like Facebook. They remain active for the particular works to show what happens behind the scenes of the parade.

Information About The Area of This Festival

This event took place in an area named Zundert. It is a municipality and town in the Netherlands near the Belgium border. This place is under the province of North Brabant.

It is a famous place in the European country of Netherlands as many famous people were born here. The most notable of them is the famous painter Vincent van Gogh.

It lies about 12 meters above the Dutch sea level. The city of Berda is 15 kilometers southwest. It is also 35 kilometers northeast of Antwerp, the largest city in Belgium.

This area is one of the most agricultural municipalities in the Netherlands. 10% of all nursery production in the Netherlands is around this area.

People in this area love to produce strawberries and young field-grown trees. They also grow hedging plants in this area of the Netherlands.


The year 1936 is the time of the foundation of this festival in Holland. The first Zundert Flower Parade passed through the streets of Zundert on September 8, 1936.

It immediately attracted the attention of the population. In the first years, the parades were still modest in size. After the World War II, this unique festival achieved a great place in social life.

From 1946, a large number of neighborhood communities participated in the festival. It had already attracted thousands of visitors outside Zundert in the 50s and 60s.

The floats became so artistic, beautiful, and very large. The organization maintained good contact with the Sint Joost art academy in Breda.

Corso Zundert Flower Parade: A Great Festival in Holland
G.LantingCC BY-SA 4.0, via Wikimedia Commons

But, it became so big that the organization decided to set limits on the dimensions of a float. The organization took this decision in the late eighties.

From the 1980s, more and more information about this festival and its history took place on paper and film. Since 1981, writers published six books about this great ceremony.

Besides, many hamlets have published publications about their parade history. A magazine discusses the recent event of this festival since the year 1996.


This event is a tradition in the Netherlands. Year after year, the processions begin with floats decorated with flowers. It attracts thousands of visitors.

There are many things to know about this unique tradition of the Netherlands, without any doubt. This ceremony not only attracts the Dutch traveler.

Holland is one of the most beautiful European countries, without any doubt. This type of event increases the attraction of this country in front of the world’s people.

If you are a Dutch citizen or a foreigner, you can visit this area of Holland to enjoy some memorable times. You can also visit with your family and friends.

This traditional festival of the people of Holland has many things to offer to the visitor. There is no doubt that this massive event does not frustrate anyone.

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