Ellinikon Project: Interesting Transformation of An Airport


Greece is implementing one of the great urban development projects in Europe. They are building a Smart City on the site of the former Ellinikon Airport on the coast of Athens.

It will cost around 8 billion euros. The Greek real estate development company Lamda Development is behind the Ellinikon project.

It wants to build luxury apartments, office complexes, and shopping facilities. It also wants to attract tourists to the so-called city within the city.

Ellinikon Project
Marek SlusarczykCC BY 3.0, via Wikimedia Commons

It is the flagship commercial and recreational hub. It is also the highest privately-funded investment in Greek history.

It is the mega greenfield urban infrastructure development investment in Europe. The Ellinikon project can increase international tourism to Attica by one million.

It can create more than 75,000 jobs and contribute 2.5 percent to GDP. It can also generate tax revenue to the tune of 14 billion euros.

Traveler’s Expectations in Ellinikon Project

Travelers from abroad can check into one of three planned hotels and relax in a big park on the coast.

The park decoration includes augmented reality navigation, free Wi-Fi, and sustainable irrigation concepts. It will be larger than two million square meters and become Central Park in New York.

There are 50 kilometers of cycle paths and footpaths if you need exercise. Visitors can also visit sports facilities and leisure facilities.

The planned casino complex promises a little more action. It is one of the hearts of the Ellinikon project. The editorial network of Germany reported on it.

The complex will be the largest of its kind in Europe and will attract travelers from abroad. You can gamble around 15,000 square meters at 200 gaming tables and 2000 slot machines.

The planned complex includes a hotel tower with 1000 rooms. It also has a meeting and conference center, a show theatre, a sports hall and leisure facilities.

It is not wrong to call it the best urban regeneration project in Europe. It is also a multi-dimensional destination for global tourism and growing businesses.

It has an inclusive community. It is the connector to the heart of Athens with its glorious coastline. It has many things to offer to its visitor, without any doubt.

TEMES SA, owners of Costa Navarino in Messinia, is working to build many infrastructures. The company will invest 250 million euros in water and sewage networks.

They will invest in electricity, road networks, and sidewalks. They will work for flood protection and the regeneration of Agios Kosmas beach.

Fifty million euros will go into tunnel works and running Poseidonos Avenue underground. The company will use 15 million euros for a building for people with disabilities.

The company targeted to complete the first building project at The Elliniko in the fall of 2023. It is a big project of Greece that will contribute to the economy, without any doubt.

The authority of this project has taken the necessary steps to improve tourism. It may attract thousands of people from different parts of the world.

It will be a famous place if the authority can complete their work, without any doubt. It is an 8 billion euro project, and the authority is not spending this money without any reason.

Authority knows that this fascinating project can change the economy. It may be one of the great cities in Europe as it will have many modern facilities.

The authority of this project is aware of their responsibility. They want to overcome all difficulties to achieve success. They will do this as it is a beautiful urban regeneration project in Europe.

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