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There are thousands of people on our planet earth who love to catch fish. People of the United Kingdom also love to catch fish like the other people of other countries.

Many fisheries are available in the island country of Europe named the UK. Chequertree Fishery is one of the many fisheries in the UK.

The owners use these types of fishery for many purposes. They can use the fishery to cultivate fish, and they can also use it to arrange many fishing events.

Many people in the UK visit this type of place to enjoy a good time by catching fish. The British people are aware of the benefits of fishing, and so they love to do it.

More Information About Chequertree Fishery

Chequertree Fishery in Kent offers the perfect retreat for those seeking comfort and relaxation. Many British people look for a relaxing break in the beautiful Kent area of the Uk.

This fishery is an ideal base from which to explore the many delights of Kent County. It aims to provide a full range of high-quality fishing facilities to the people.

It offers facilities through an atmosphere that is safe and conducive to relaxation. They try to keep a balance with the local environment, wildlife, and community.

There are plenty of local attractions to visit in this area. There are also many traditional country pubs close by offering traditional pub grub.

This place is on the outskirts of Bethersden, with three fantastic lakes to enjoy. It is a family-run property that encourages all ages to visit, whether you are a fisherman or not.

There is a large number of people in Great Britain who love fishing. It is the biggest participating sport in the European country of the UK.

The authority of this fishery offers both trout and coarse fishing. There is a lakeside clubhouse to sit and enjoy a relaxing drink or light meal.

There are also spacious fishing lodges with good rooms and amenities for campers. Chequertree has, over recent years, been working with local charities.

Demelza House Children’s Hospice Rochester Kent is one of these charities. Another one is The Cancer Unit at William Harvey Hospital.

The work includes fishing marathons, competitions, and sponsored 24-hour fishing contests. Chequertree will continue to support local charities wherever possible.

Chequertree Fishery is in its 30th year and is famous for its excellent facilities. It is well known for providing both coarse and trout fishing facilities.

The facilities of it are comparable with other commercial fishing lakes in the UK. It attracts day visitors, including open match competitions and Angling Club match days.

It also helps to bring visitors to the area during the week and weekend. Many visitors from different parts of the UK visit here to experience fishing.

These include experienced fishermen, beginners, the young and old, and families. It also welcomes anyone seeking relaxation with enjoying the angling.

The lakes of this fishery are full of different types of carp fish. Common, Mirror, Leather and Grass Carp, Rudd, Roach, Bream, Tench, and Perch are available.

Chequertree Fishery: Valuable Facts to Know
This fish species is available in Chequertree. Ryan HodnettCC BY-SA 4.0, via Wikimedia Commons

There is no doubt that fly fishing is a fun, challenging, and rewarding sport enjoyed by many. This place is a tranquil spot to relax and generally soak up the atmosphere.

Casting a fly line requires more practice than other types of angling. Many newcomers to the sport desire to catch a trout on the fly.

The authority at this fishery aims to provide the facilities here in Kent. It is easy to escape from the outside world here. It is also possible to relax in total tranquillity in this area.

Many people find a place to eat for breakfast and lunch. Authority arranges many things to please this type of people by providing food.


Chequertree is a place in Kent that serves many purposes. People from different parts of the United Kingdom visit it for fishing and relaxing.

It can offer a memorable time, and many people accept the offer by visiting here. Many of them come here with their family and friends.

A notable fact is that many people in the United Kingdom know the benefits of fishing. They know it helps to increase their concentration and many other things.

If you live near this area of the Kent County of England, you can visit this place with your friends. You and your friends will enjoy a good time as it has many things to explore.

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