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Many people in the United Kingdom love to eat fish and have a relationship with the fishery. There are thousands of fisheries available in the different parts of this country.

Coombewood Fishery is one of these fisheries. It plays a vital role in supplying fish in the United Kingdom. It is a well-known area, and many people visit here.

The location of this area is in a beautiful nature that offers many things to the visitors. The natural beauty of this place can reduce the stress of daily life.

The facility of fishing and natural beauty has made this place a great attraction to many people. They love to visit this place with their family and friends.

More Information About Coombewood Fishery

The location of this place is in the Outskirts of the village High Halden. It is a place of mixed coarse fishery. It is in a private ancient woodland.

This private ancient woodland is in the heart of the Kent County of England. The responsible authority of this place welcomes everyone who has an attraction to fishing.

Alex Moulang is the name of the manager of this beautiful fishery which is in the heart of Kent County.

Authority offers you all year-round day tickets & summer evening tickets from £8.00. They also offer pre-booked night fishing tickets.

They welcome club & match bookings on their one-acre Front Pleasure / Match Lake. More than 12 wheelchair-accessible swims are available here.

There are three lakes in this beautiful fishery. These lakes are Front Match & Pleasure Lake, Back Specimen Lake, and Private Woodland Lake.

The authority of this property allows various types of activities in these lakes. They attract many visitors and anglers from the nearby area.

Match & Pleasure Lake is full of different types of fish. These fishes are Carp, Koi, Perch, Tench, and Bream. The authority allows night fishing here.

Back Specimen Lake is another important asset of this property, without any doubt. It has mixed coarse fish, catfish, and grass carp.

Coombewood Fishery: Interesting Facts to Know
Grass Carp is available in the lakes of Coombewood. USFWS, Public domain, via Wikimedia Commons

Private Woodland Lake is the most unique property, without any doubt. The authority also permits night fishing here.

A tranquil and peaceful environment exists there. Anglers should return all fish in the lakes from which they caught. The authority prefers barbless hooks.

They also allow micro-barbed hooking systems with extreme care. Authority suggests that anglers must have a suitable-sized landing net.

They also must have to weigh the sling & unhooking mat. These materials must be dry upon arrival & dipped in the disinfectant tanks provided.

A limited number of landing nets & unhooking mats are available to hire. Failure to follow these rules set by authority may result in a ban from the Coombewood Fishery.​

The people who manage this property accept no responsibility for injury and death. They also do not responsible for any loss of vehicles or property while on the Fishery grounds.

Some Rules of This Fishery

The authority of this property set many rules that an angler must follow. These rules are:

  • All anglers who will visit here must have a valid EA rod license.
  • The authority requests them to respect fellow guests & the surrounding nature & land.
  • The authority does not allow excessive consumption of alcohol & anti-social behavior.
  • The owners of this property do not allow guns, radios, or excessive noise. 
  • They request people to park with sense in the designated areas. They allow only disabled badge holders to park at their peg on the front lake. 
  • Anglers under 16 must come with an adult aged 21 or over.
  • Anglers cannot swim or bring their dogs here.

People can take professional coaching in all aspects of course angling. There is a Level 2 Angling Trust Coach & Korum Consultant available. His name is Kevin Durman.


Fishing is a hobby for some people living in a country named the United Kingdom. A group of people developed many businesses by targeting this hobby.

A fishing spot like this place has every element to offer some good time who visit here for angling. The natural beauty of this place increased its attraction to the people.

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