Tuhala Witch’s Well: A Mystery of Estonia


Estonia is a country in the Baltic Sea in northeastern Europe. Tuhala is a beautiful village in the northern part of this country. 

There is a mysterious well in the middle of the forest in this village of Estonia. The people of this country know this as Tuhala Witch’s Well.

Mystery of Tuhala Witch’s Well
“Tuhala Witch’s Well” by Visit Estonia is licensed under CC BY-NC-SA 2.0

Because of this Witch’s Well, Tuhala is a well-known name in Estonia and the world. Around this forest, the plants start to wrap in sheets in the moonlight.

It is a natural karst spring and became famous for its spooky legends and stories of witches. Many still believe that the witches used the well for their rituals and spells.

Mystery of Tuhala Witch’s Well

There is a story of a group of witches about this karst spring. They were looking for a beautiful environment. They came down in the middle of this forest of Estonia.

After a while, they saw a well. The witch became quite fond of this place of Estonia. They started quarreling among themselves about this mysterious karst spring.

As a result, war broke out among them. One attacked the other and sat down. The water started to rise over the karst spring at the point of the attack.

The well began to fill up with an unobstructed flow of water. This war of witches did not want to stop! After reading this story, many people may be a little overwhelmed.

But there is no reason for ordinary villagers to think after seeing the continuous water flow. That is why the name of this well became Witch’s Well.

And many of the people of Tuhala believe in this folk tale. There was a water crisis in this village about three thousand years ago.

The villagers went to look for a great water source. They inspected this place to see if there was any possibility of getting water. After some digging, they found water.

The depth of this karst spring of the witch is only two and a half meters. A wooden bucket remains hung over this mysterious place.

At first, this well supported the water demand better. But one day, a villager man came to get water and saw water coming up from the well.

Seeing this scene, the man could no longer restrain himself. He ran to inform everyone in the village about the mysterious incident.

The news did not take long to reach the ears of the villagers. At once, everyone came to see what the main event was.

You can’t believe it without seeing it with your own eyes. Everyone in the village came to see the karst spring of the witch and was quite surprised.

Everyone saw the truth. Water was overflowing from the Tuhala Well. The observation of scientists found that it emits up to 5,000 liters of water per second.

There may be a continuous water flow for about one to three weeks. Many scientists have noticed this phenomenon. Many archaeologists also visited this place to see it.

Scientists have done many types of research to find the water source in the karst spring. According to them, the main secret of this well of the witches is its geographical structure.

Located north of the Baltic Sea, Estonia has many rivers. There are many small rivers hidden underground in the Tuhala region.

There is a lot of snowfall in these areas during the winter season. During the day, the ice begins to melt because of the sun.

“IMG_3052” by Carl-Johan Sveningsson is licensed under CC BY-NC 2.0

This ice meltwater continues to flow into the underground rivers. As a result, the water level of these underground rivers has increased a lot.

And when the people dug this well, it somehow met with one of the branches of any river. As a result, when the water flows in the river increases, the water overflows from the well.


Our planet is full of mystery, and this place of Estonia is no alternative to it. It is also a popular tourist destination.

It is a powerful karst spring in Estonia, without any doubt. The government of Estonia protects it as a natural monument.

Many people from Estonia and the world come to visit this place every year. Sometimes many people use it as a location for filming movies and TV shows.

They visit this place of Estonia to discover the mystery and know the history. It is difficult for anyone to find a person in Estonia who does not know about this place.

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