Homonhon: An Attractive Island in The Leyte Gulf

Homonhon Island is an attractive island in the Leyte Gulf. The Leyte Gulf is a gulf in the Philippines’ Eastern Visayan area.

The bay is located in the Pacific Ocean’s Philippine Sea and has boundaries on the north by Samar and the west by Leyte. Mindanao Island is south of the bay, separated from Leyte by the Surigao Strait.

Dinagat Island is partially enclosed in the southeast, while the little Homonhon marker and Suluan Island are on the Gulf’s eastern entrance. It’s around 130 kilometers north-south and 60 kilometers east-west.

In this article of Nehrin, I want to write something about this Filipino island named Homonhon Island. Let’s know the details about this island in the Leyte Gulf.

Beautiful Homonhon Island

This beautiful Island is located on the east side of the Leyte Gulf in the Philippines’ Eastern Samar province. Bitaugan, Cagusu-an, Canawayon, Casuguran, Culasi, Habag, Inapulangan, and Pagbabangnan are among the eight barangays that make up the municipality of Guiuan’s 20-kilometer-long island.

Mantoconan, a small islet off the northwest coast of this beautiful island, is one of the 7,500 islands that make up the Philippine Archipelago. The island was one of the first points of communication between the East and the West in the Pacific.


Ferdinand Magellan’s three remaining vessels traveled by the Marianas, even though he was out of food after crossing the Pacific Ocean, but did not land during the first voyage of the globe.

On March 16, 1521, he landed on this attractive island of the philipines. Even though this attractive island was unoccupied at the time, fishing boats from neighboring communities discovered him.

More boats came, and the local leaders greeted him enthusiastically, trading food and supplies with Magellan’s men. Later, Magellan set sail for Limasawa Island.

FAQ: 6 Facts about This Island

There are some curious facts that people may want to know about this attractive Island. Let’s discuss these facts in detail about this island in the Leyte Gulf.

  1. Why is Homonhon famous in Philippine history?

    This attractive Island was the first landing place of Ferdinand Magellan, a famous Portuguese explorer who organized a Spanish expedition to the East Indies between 1519 and 1522. The site of Magellan’s landing remains preserved for commemoration on this attractive Island.

  2. Where did Magellan go after this Island?

    Despite this attractive Island being uninhabited, the fishing boats of nearby local settlements detected Magellan. The local leaders arrived, received him warmly, and traded food and supplies with Magellan’s crew. Magellan later left for Limasawa Island.

  3. How do you get to this Island?

    This attractive Island is just 3 hours away from Guiuan Eastern Samar port, and the port location is in Barangay Lubok. The boat fare is only 100 pesos. It has scheduled to leave anytime from 10 AM- 11 AM. Guiuan is 3 hours away from the adjacent airport, which is DZR Airport in Tacloban City (TAC).

  4. What is the former name of this Island?

    On March 16, 1521, Magellan and his crew dropped anchor off on this unpopulated attractive Island. Then it is known as Humumu, where they stayed for eight days before proceeding with their journey to what is now known as today the Philippines. Magellan arrived at Limasawa, an island west of this attractive Island, where Magellan’s missionaries guided the first mass on Philippine soil.

  5. Who welcomed Magellan in this island?

    NHCP chairperson Rene Escalante says that historical accounts reveal that early Suluan residentswelcomed Magellan and were treated well during their stay in this attractive Island. Escalante added that this episode of history is unknown to many foreigners and even Filipinos.

  6. Why is this island a watering-place of good signs?

    On March 17, 1521, a group of people landed on an “uninhabited island” known as “Humunu”, which Pigafetta referred to as the “Watering place of good signs” because the place is abundant in gold.