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Tangalle is along one of the most stunning coastlines of South Sri Lanka. It is among the more developed beach destinations in the region. It has a string of simple guesthouses.

And there are a few fancy hotels and villas. They dot along the coves and beaches that line the oceanfront there. But tourism has never taken off as much as the locals would like.

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More Information About Tangalle

Tangalle remains low-key compared to the resorts further west. Tangalle has added appeal. It is due to the many rewarding attractions in the surrounding countryside.

They include the giant Buddha and the gaudy shrines of Wewurukannala. Also, there are the magnificent rock temples of Mulkirigala.

You can combine them into a rewarding half-day excursion. Also, the nearby Rekawa Beach is Sri Lanka’s top site for turtle-watching.

Ornithologists might also enjoy a trip to the little-visited Kalametiya Bird Sanctuary. You can combine it with a visit to the mysterious Ussangoda plateau.

This area serves all travelers. It has accommodations from budget to luxury hotels. It is also a hot spot for diverse and eco-friendly needs.

For example, the Turtle Observation Camps let you stay. You can also volunteer with turtle projects. Surfing is a specialty in it and for beginners.

Many surf camps are in the area due to the beach break that creates gentle waves. It is between rocks and a hill.

So, the waves are hardly affected by onshore winds that might dampen the mood. Mulkirigala Rock Temple is a nice day trip just 16km North-West.

It sits on a 673ft rock. The monastery has seven cave temples in 5 descending terraces. You can access the Lower Terrace. You can also access the Bo Tree Terrace.

You can access the Great King’s Temple Terrace, Upper Bo Tree Terrace, and Chetiya Terrace. You can get to them all via granite paths and steps.

But you may need to work a little to reach the top. Wewurukannala is the home of the mentionable Buddha figure in Sri Lanka.

It is a golden statue that stands 50m high. Visitors must pass through a hall of creepy statues of suffering demons and sinners to reach the figure.

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Photo by Wishwa Prabodha on Unsplash

But this only makes the Buddha seem more like a prize. It is a mentionable welcome relief at the end of the journey.

Authorities declared Kalametiya a protected area in 1938. Since then, it has been a haven for wildlife. It has diverse habitats, coastal lagoons, mangrove swamps, and open grasslands.

These make it a perfect home for both marine and bird life. The sanctuary offers a peace trip for birdwatchers.

It provides a more active trip for jungle trekkers. The area is home to four nationally threatened bird species and 38 species of reptiles.

Threats exist both nationally and internationally. It makes its preservation even more significant. Despite its funny name, the blowhole can be fantastic on your luck.

The best time to see it is during the southwest monsoon in June. But, it is never sure that you will see the high seas shoot water 23m into the air through a rock.

Swimming here can be dangerous. The beaches of the Kapuhenwala, Medaketiya, and Medilla have strong currents.

But, the coves south of town at Pallikaduwa and Goyambokka are safe. Always check at your guesthouse before entering the water.

Conditions vary a lot, even within a few hundred meters. You can arrange diving through the PADI dive school at the Ibis guesthouse.

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