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Book Colombo to Kandy Taxi
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More Information About Kandy Taxi

Many travelers come to Sri Lanka for the white-sand beaches and epic surf. But, at the island’s mountainous, emerald-swathed heart lies a charming, spiritual area.

It has many tea plantations, misty hills, and the famous blue train carriages. The gateway to all this hill-country action is Kandy.

This city of Sri Lanka is famous as the City of Kings. It is also Sri Lanka’s second city and the island’s top spot for history and culture.

Its geography and less accessible terrain protected the powerful ancient Kingdom of Kandy. These features let it hold off both the Portuguese and Dutch.

It was in the 1500s and 1600s. This site became the last bastion of independent Ceylon. In doing so, the city preserved its unique customs, culture, and arts.

These witnessed subduction elsewhere in the country. But, in 1815, it finally succumbed to British rule, without any doubt.

The British gained control of the island in 1798. They quickly tried to rid themselves of this final bit of Sinhalese independence.

But, their first attack on the kingdom, in 1803, ended in a humiliating defeat. Despite this setback, it lasted little more than a decade.

This kingdom did not fall through war. It fell because of its internal opposition. The cruelties of the last king of this area, Sri Wickrama Rajasinghe, led to the fall.

As internal opposition to Sri Wickrama grew. The remarkable Sir John worked for the British government. He had a talent for languages and intrigue.

He succeeded in uniting the various factions opposed to the king. In 1815, the British sent another army. Thanks to Jhon’s tricks, it could march on Kandy unopposed.

Sri Wickrama fled. After the British arrival, the suffering subjects of the king stood to one side and let them in. A convention of Kandyan chiefs signed a document on March 2, 1815.

It handed over the kingdom’s sovereignty to the British. In return, the British promised to preserve its laws, customs, and institutions.

There are many places to stay in and around this majestic area of Lanka. But, guesthouses in the city are no longer the bargain they once were.

Note that Kandy is much safer than the coast. You probably won’t need air conditioning, but you may want hot water. In general, the better the view, the further from town.

And the longer the walk from the center. Three places in town are on nightly shows of Kandyan dancing and drumming.

All are touristy but fun, without any doubt. The people of this area have a standard set of dances. These include snippets of southern and Kandyan dances.

They usually end with firewalking. This area is the main center for crafts in Sri Lanka. Many local villages still specialize in particular crafts.

The city is the best place on the island to buy traditional souvenirs. But, the authority changed some traditional arts to suit the tourist market.

Besides the places listed below, there are also big crafts shops along Peradeniya Rd. They are on the way to the Botanical Gardens.

The Kandy City Centre, a new a/c complex in the city, provides more modern shopping. But, all the shops in the center had opened at the time of writing.

So book a Kandy taxi to visit from Colombo and discover the majestic Sri Lanka. You will have fantastic and comfortable travel, without any doubt.

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