Visit Colombo to Unawatuna by Taxi to Get A Great Experience


Unawatuna is an ideal place for people who are big adventure lovers. Visiting Colombo to Unawatuna by Taxi is one of the best options, without any doubt.

It will ensure a comfortable and pleasant journey for the passengers. This area is famous for its majestic coastline that you can enjoy with cars.

So, if you want a comfortable journey, press the Book Now button below. You will have a great experience with our vehicle, without any doubt.

More Information About The Journey of Unawatuna

Just south of Galle, Unawatuna has sandy beaches and swimmable seas. Lush palm trees back it. The town is one of Sri Lanka’s liveliest beach spots.

It has hints of backpacker vibes. Also, it has an Instagrammable beach rope swing. It also has shoreline bars and a main street filled with happy hours.

The main beach at Unawatuna is popular with both tourists and locals. The magnificent beaches are ideal for swimming. Part of the beach has sunbeds to rent.

On the west end of the beach, there is a short walk to a pagoda statue overlooking the bay. The beach connects directly to the city center.

It has many little restaurants and bars. There is a fantastic beach vibe here, even after sunset. Galle Fort is very different in Sri Lanka.

The old fort does not have only typical Sri Lankan architecture. It has many influences from the Dutch, Portuguese, and British.

Galle Fort has many perfect souvenir shops and great architecture. People love to wander here for an afternoon and watch the sunset from the fort wall.

Between Unawatuna and Galle is a beautiful beach to learn to surf. The best season for surfing is November to May. At Ahikava School, you can rent a board and maybe have some lessons.

Rent a paddleboard at sunset. Relax and enjoy the moment. Some small turtle hatcheries save damaged turtles from fishing nets and garbage. It is a good cause.

But, it has become a market to collect and sell the eggs to the hatcheries. Also, to let tourists pay extra to hold the baby turtles. It is no good at all.

Skip this activity in Unawatuna. Do you love to work out in the gym when you travel? A week’s entry costs $10. It’s also a great way to meet young locals who are training.

They love a chat and will tell you all about the area. Unawatuna Fitness Center is the name of the gym on Google Maps.

Many visitors to this part of Sri Lanka swim in an infinity pool. The Closenberg Hotel is a hidden gem, without any doubt.

Colombo to Unawatuna
Photo by Fredrik Öhlander on Unsplash

It is in the eastern part of Galle, 3 km from Unawatuna. It is unknown, so it is quiet – unlike the busy city. It is possible to use their infinity pool for free if you buy something from their bar.

They charge a few hundred LKR for the towels. Float for an hour and enjoy the views of Dewata Beach Bay and Jungle Beach.

Staying in Unawatuna and Dalawella costs more than elsewhere on the south coast. If you want a cheaper option, I recommend Dalawella Porch House.

This accommodation is very close to Dalawella Beach. The host family is kind and helpful, and the rooms are clean and modern. The only downside is that it is near the railway.

But do not visit Sri Lanka without earplugs. The traffic and the dogs are loud everywhere. Galle is the administrative capital of the Southern Province of Sri Lanka.

It is only 20 minutes from Unawatuna and is worth a visit while you are in the area. Visiting Galle is like visiting three countries, without any doubt.

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